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Tuesday, December 28, 2010


There’s a video, produced by an Israeli comedy group, that has a funny take on Christians being slaughtered in the Muslim world.
No, I shall not direct you to it, as the humour is both juvenile and meanspirited.
Besides, like previous 'amusing' videos produced by that group it has probably already been sent to you by several well-intentioned friends.

I had the temerity to criticize that video on a mailing list.

Somehow the idea that anyone saw something amusing in Muslims killing Christians, and would use a song associated with a Christian holiday to poke fun at such murders, did not seem like very good Hasbara to me.
That they would then circulate their video to coincide with that very same Christian holiday seemed like an even worse idea.
That those comedians are beloved by the same people in Israel who play America and the Christian world for a bunch of freiers was bitter icing on the cake.

The point I tried to make was that the video could be taken the wrong way, especially by people who were relatively uninformed OR not already favourably inclined - not good for the cause, and potentially damaging to our side.
We should be aware that things will often be misinterpreted.
Perhaps that video should not have been made.

The reactions were odd.


According to one writer, I missed crucial distinctions in the video.

A second insisted that the comedian chiefly responsible was very talented, and had accurately expressed what Jihadis were planning for all Christmas-observant infidels.

Someone else privately averred that “humor has been as much a part of our Jewish heritage and survival as the TORAH, SHABBAT and G-D" (all of which are things I have no clue about, btw), and also that I had absolutely failed to understand the parody, and I truly missed the deepest point!
Every one else 'got it'.
She felt sorry for me.

A third contributor vehemently wishes the entire list to know that I had absolutely NO sense of humour, and that criticizing what was clearly hysterically funny satire was proof that it went over my head. My take on the video was so sick and hateful, indeed, that she half expected me to start screaming that the Jews killed Christ, she was horribly offended by what I had said - she then brought up the Crusades, the Inquisition, Pogroms, and the Holocaust.....

And further, in addition to being twisted and offensive, I am also a "self-righteous Gentile".

That last comment is a darn good phrase.

I think I'll keep it.

[Not only a "self righteous Gentile", but as per previous communications, "f***ed up, neurotic, dysfunctional, delusional", a "raving hypocrite", and 'sorely lacking neshomeh'. Evenso, I'll stick with 'Self-Righteous Gentile'. It truly says it all.]

-----ATBOTH, s.r.g.

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  • At 9:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Dude, you got it ALL!

  • At 8:49 AM, Blogger e-kvetcher said…

    I didn't think the video was offensive, just not very funny or creative - sort of sophomoric...

    Based on your previous descriptions of this mailing list, I'd stay away from it - though "Self righteous gentile" is pretty funny...

  • At 11:15 AM, Anonymous Ari said…

    I shall be davening for them to receive a refuah shleima. And will be making a mi-shebeirach for them on Shabbos. After chamishi, to be precise.


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