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Thursday, January 08, 2009


Oh dear. I appear to have upset several hundred Dutch people. And many of them are now hopping mad.

Yesterday I had the temerity to post the names of notable Dutch Hamas Supporters, with the suggestion that they be put on a no-fly list - we Americans, certainly, do not need any of the people I listed visiting us anytime soon, and it would be just as well if they were never allowed out of Europe again.

The list of Dutch Hamas Supporters is here:

Normally I do not expect many bloghits. After all, the thoughts of a grumpy pipe smoking middle-aged member of the International Zionist Conspiracy living in San Francisco are hardly that interesting. At least not to many people outside the pipe-smoking community or the International Zionist Conspiracy.

But GeenStijl decided otherwise. And linked me in a lovely little blurble.

Quote: "In ieder geval hebben diverse Vrienden van Israel de kwestie inmiddels opgepakt. De naam van Van Bommel - alsmede de rest van de SP-fractie - staat op internet inmiddels synoniem voor Dutch Hamas Supporters. "
['In any case, various friends of Israel have taken up the issue. The name of Van Bommel - as well as the rest of the SP parliamentary fraction - have become synonymous with 'Dutch Hamas Supporters' on the internet.']

This in the context of an article indicating that mr. Van Bommel may be disinvited from this year's and all future commemorative events concerning the Dutch Jews betrayed and deported to the deathcamps. He and his good friend Gretta Duisenberg were screaming 'intifada intifada free Palestine' (Intifada, intifada, Palastina vrij!) while their companions were chanting 'Hamas Hamas, Jews to the gas' (Hamas Hamas, Joden aan het gas) during the anti-Israel march in Amsterdam last Saturday.

[Some of the other slogans chanted at that demonstration: "be roh, be dam, nafdeek ya falastin", and "Allahu Akbar", plus some gibberish about the holocaust, and threats of world-wide jihad. In addition to the Palestinian flag there were also numerous Hamas and Hezbollah banners - it will be remembered, of course, that monetary support for terrorist organizations comes from many residents of Europe.]

The result of GeenStijl's linkage was that I received many more hits than normal, plus several more comments. And some hate mail.
Of which, herewith, a sampling.

Reader RooieRakker writes:
"Vuile jode pooier.... "

[Filthy Jew pimp ....]

My dear RooieRakker, I did not know your sister was looking for work in the United States. Please forward her picture and contact information, and I shall endeavor to arrange something suitable.

Reader Hamza writes:
"Je bent en vuile zionidt en moordenaar, jou moesyen ze afschiete ...."

[You are a (spelling error no. 1) filthy Zionist (spelling error no. 2, plus cap error) and murderer, you they should (spelling error no. 3) shoot to death (spelling error no. 4) ....]

My dear Hamza, please learn how to write Dutch. You might want to study the comments of Faaz, who seems capable of marshalling his thoughts and formulating excellent sentences in Dutch. Admittedly, Faaz hates all Jews with a passion, is furious about what the Zionists have done to his home country (Holland), and seems woefully misinformed besides - but I suspect that he is a product of a university, and has excellent diction too. He is very literate - quite the example for you.
Faaz is in all ways a most remarkable Moroccan Dutchman.

Reader PenisVaandel writes:
"Wat mij betreft kun je die jode xxx uit je bek doen en in je xxx stoppen"

[As far as I'm concerned you can take that Jew's p.... out of your mouth and stuff it in your a... ]

My dear Shmuckbanner, my postings are seldom about sex, and almost never about those predilections which are your field of expertise.

Reader AnonymusBosch writes:
"Ze hadden alle van jullie vuile rotjoden allang moeten aflsachten, dan sou de wereld er stukken schooner zijn "

[They should've massacred (spelling error) all (grammatical error) of you filthy rotten Jews a long time ago, then the world would (spelling error) have been a lot cleaner (grammatical error).]

My dear AnonymusBosch, I am touched that you are so concerned about cleanliness. Cleanliness is, as you know, next to godliness. We members of the International Zionist Conspiracy™ share your concerns, and to that end we support the cleaning-up of Gaza. It may never be as clean as my kitchen counter, but I assure you that we are doing our very best! There has already been much improvement. I encourage you to move there as soon as possible. As we say in Dutch, "opgeruimd staat netjes".

There was more in the same vein. The language of Vondel and Brederode has fallen on hard times.

Several other readers, who left comments on GeenStijl ( and in several other places, validated my assertion that the people I had listed as Hamas Supporters in the Netherlands were in fact known and on record as such. It is the considered opinion of many that the entire SP leadership constitute a Hamas cell, and must be considered more than merely misguided.
And additionally, that International Socialism and National Socialism are in many ways the same.

Many readers also averred that Harry van Bommel is a notorious billenknijper.
I shall have to take their word for it - I am entirely unfamiliar with Harry van Bommel's sexual escapades, or his unsubtle approach to flirting. If you, my dear Dutch readers, wish to provide photographic or journalistic evidence of mr. Harry van Bommel performing the knyp on various billen, I shall be happy to peruse it. Not that I am truly interested in his knyping, or what bills he choses to knyp, but as a matter of accuracy in reporting I feel I must pursue the matter.

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  • At 1:24 AM, Anonymous snarkily amphibious said…

    Oh, dear: you've irritated Dutch people.

  • At 5:15 AM, Blogger PC1MH said…

    Not only Mr. van Bommel should be on the list of Hamas supporters but the whole party. All SP members support terror and terrorists and should be banned from any plane and even airport. These people can not be trusted.
    Organisations that support terror should be deemed terrorist organisations.
    Therefore the SP is a terror organisation.

  • At 7:30 AM, Anonymous Flipje/Tiel said…

    Irritated?, no, slightly disturbed, yes.
    We are the stupids who did help Israel out with our Patriots during the Gulf War, yes?

  • At 9:20 AM, Blogger Tzipporah said…

    Clearly, you should also have listed "Anonymous" as this irritating personage almost always posts the most offensive, ignorant comments on *everyone's* blogs.

    The fact that Anonymous's comments are often completely contradicted by his/her later comments is evidence not of even-handedness, but clearly of schizophrenia.

  • At 10:33 AM, Anonymous Eentje Minder said…

    Zie deze artiekel in het Algemeen Dagblad:

    SP-Kamerlid stapt op
    DEN HAAG - SP-Tweede Kamerlid Nathalie de Rooij (35) geeft haar Kamerlidmaatschap om persoonlijke redenen op. Haar opvolger is Trix de Roos, lid van het hoofdbestuur van de SP en fractievoorzitter in Vlissingen, die dinsdag wordt beëdigd.
    Kamerlid Arda Gerkens wilde vrijdag niet uitwijden over de achtergrond van het vertrek van De Rooij. De Rooij zat sinds november 2006 in de Kamer. Daarvoor was de Tilburgse docente Nederlands op een vmbo-school. Zij maakte deel uit van de parlementaire onderzoekscommissie onder leiding van PvdA'er Jeroen Dijsselbloem die zich vorig jaar boog over de onderwijsvernieuwingen van de afgelopen twintig jaar.
    Vorig jaar april deed Rotterdammer Ron Abel na anderhalf jaar afstand van zijn SP-Kamerzetel, ook om persoonlijke redenen. De SP heeft 25 Kamerleden.


  • At 9:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


  • At 11:49 AM, Anonymous Schorem en uitschot said…

    Other notorious Dutch anti-Semites:

    Jan Den Hertog
    Meindert Dijkstra
    Guus Hoelen,
    Kim Hop
    Bindiya Jaggan
    Bisan Kassis
    Rena Netjes
    Mick Pantelaras
    Janneke Stegeman
    Henri Veldhuis
    Margo Vlamings
    Yolanda Voorhaar
    Manon Wolfkamp
    Ghada Zeidan


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