Friday, February 14, 2014


Just in case you missed it, here are photos of the snow elsewhere in the country. Apparently some places got nearly a foot of the stuff, many areas were severely effected by transit issues and a scarcity of services.
Here in San Francisco it isn't shirtsleeve weather yet, but close.
I want you to realize that as you shovel white stuff.
Or take a break inside with your computer.
Which keeps you in contact.
With the world.

Yeah, I know. You're suffering. Life is hard, snow is hell, your toes are falling off. And that cup of steaming cocoa turned to ice within a minute, you didn't even get to enjoy it. It's a brown coloured popsicle!
There's a layer of frost on your computer monitor.
You wish modern tech were coal burning.
That would be so nice!

On a daily basis I can sit at the computer in my underwear. The sun comes in through the blinds and warms my skin. Often I wear boxer shorts and an A-shirt in the unheated apartment -- the radiator comes on at night, when the temperature drops a bit -- before putting on some lightweight clean clothes and strolling out onto the street, where the Acacia trees are blooming, and up the hill where new green sprouts bedeck some of the trees. The parrots wheel overhead, making the spring sky gay with their colour, adding a joyous noise to the air above San Francisco.

[Note on underwear: mostly cotton, all of it in excellent condition. Some of it has little happy owls, some of it has semi-formal blue stripes, some of it riotous tropical patterns. None of it is old or decrepit. Even wearing little, a man must look his best. If you can recommend any cheerful patterns for my daytime indoor wear, I would be grateful.]

Our last "storm" was a Pineapple Express. That's when warm air from the equatorial Pacific carries rain to Northern California. Usually it's very wet, but not at all cold. Sometimes it's quite tropical.
You know, a very mild temperature.
Not chilly at all.

A few days ago, I saw a crow invade an area where pigeons roost, then fly off with an egg in it's beak. Wow, procreative behavior from our flying rats so early! A feast for corvids! By the end of the month the little black thugs will be flying off with baby pigeons, and growing fat on the effects of early spring.

We watch the Winter Olympics to see what people in cold weather do.
Since we all moved here, we kind of forgot.
Lookit the thick clothes!

Hee hee hee.

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