Sunday, February 16, 2014


Most people have perfectly disgusting musical taste. Especially as regards tunes suitable for bars, restaurants, nightclubs, and hip venues. The world is a depraved place; most popular music is, in the final analysis, about acts of congress.

Well, we just had Valentine's Day. So we're all heartily sick and tired of acts of congress. Especially those of us who weren't involved.

Maybe we just bought ourselves a nice box of chocolates, and had to fight the sales clerk to keep him from covering it in pink tissue with bows.

"It will be so romantic, you've got to let me wrap it!
I have metallic glittery paper! Bows, bright pink bows! Cards with roses and butterflies! It's big and beautiful!"

Yeah, I know it's big and beautiful. But it's mine, and honestly, I just wanted a large box of chawkelit for dinner, okay, there is no other person!

Weeping, the sales clerk collapses in a corner. He just cannot conceive of someone who will not share chocolate. By admitting that, I have destroyed his world. He has no reason to believe anymore.

Sad little clerk; be zen, baby. Be zen

And whatever else, please (!) turn off that sappy love music; hearing Bad Daddy Sex Bomb rapping about 'Banging In A Benz' doesn't do Jack for me. Save that for the suburbanites.

In actual fact, there was no box of chocolates, not even a tiny five pounder. If there had been, it would be completely gone by now. I have NO self-control at all when it comes to chocolate. That's why I avoided the downtown for the past several days; chocolate everywhere.
It was a Valentine's Day orgy.

And to celebrate the fact that it's over for another year, and we can all go back to being normal non-sappy individuals again, without even a pretense of a love-life, and no emotional disasters or mine fields in the past fortnight -- unlike the Typicals, several of whom are now heading to Splitsville -- let me present two tunes I really want to hear in a bar or restaurant someday. Or nightclubs, and hip venues.
My idea of great music.


This one is about angst.....

And this one about rebellion.

I like tunes like this.

Okay, I'll admit it; there's just a wee touch of sour grapes in this post.
I would have loved flowers, chocolate, dinner in a fancy restaurant, and, conceivably, congressional acting afterwards. Or even just a box of chocolates. And maybe some stargazing later in the evening. But I'm a frightful cynic, and I suspect that most people who actually did stuff like that are now suffering from post holiday depression as well as severe hangovers, because of the cheap champagne and all the really stupid things they did.

"Oh crap! He proposed! And I said 'yes'!"

They both have some explaining to do.
Nightmares and regret all round.
Except for that sales clerk.
He lives for this day.

It's the chocolate.

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