Thursday, February 06, 2014


As you might have guessed, there are often dubious messages of a commercial nature both in my letterbox (which is meant for private correspondence only) and in the actual comments field itself, awaiting my approval.

Feedback needs to meet certain standards, or it will not be published.

Private correspondence remains private if that is requested.

Normal comments will be read by others.

Anonymous stays anonymous.

The 'letterbox' attracts a fair amount of garbage, as spambots automatically go for the very first comment-type link that they find.
Some of it is extremely hopeful stuff.

Consider this doozy: "I like your website! Here is my weblog; safer colon review"


I can only imagine.

An entire weblog by posteriors, for posteriors.

Safer colon review. Something which I've been waiting for all my life. Just like you, I have this deep-seated fear that the space aliens hide there.
If I bend over to investigate, they'll leap out and bite off my head.

Zombie space aliens. With werewolf or vampire tendencies.

Now someone who likes my website has volunteered.

Thank you, S.C.R.!

I am blessed.

Yeah, that was dumped in my letterbox. Naturally I circular-filed it.
Which is also why there is no embedded link in the quote above.
There is no reason to send my other visitors up sh*t creek.


I love reader-feedback, and the fortuitous private message from readers is also something I welcome. Some people just don't want their ideas out on the net; I can understand that. And some readers may have misplaced my e-mail address, so the 'letterbox' gives them a confidential way to contact me, to which I will respond.
I really like hearing from people.
Real people.

After word, added at 10:57 A.M.:

Someone wrote "do not borrow another woman's toothbrush, even", plus a whole bunch of other stuff, underneath a post from several years ago in which I speculated that Jesus might have been gay, and would probably love the femmy drag queens at The Pump House. It did not contribute anything to the discussion, and seemed quite nonsequitorial.
I would not think of borrowing another woman's toothbrush.
There are just some things one does not do.
But thank you for the words.
Very kind.

NOTE: Readers may contact me directly:

All correspondence will be kept in confidence.


e-kvetcher said...

I think you didn't give them the benefit of the doubt. Maybe they're looking to review your posts for unsafe punctuation usage, especially that dangerous :

e-kvetcher said...

Oh, that reminds me - I need to book a trip to Sweden

The back of the hill said...

Sweden is a marvelous place!

And that sport needs to catch on. It should be part of the winter Olympics.

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