Sunday, February 09, 2014


Most of my Facebook friends are entirely reasonable. Some are quite insane. No, shan't list any names. Among my earliest Facebook friends are people who fly under cognomina that hide their identities; some of their writings may be found in the list of blogs and sites on the right-hand side of this page.


No, I have never met him in real life, and I do not know his real name. But I have read his blog fairly regularly since 2005, and his Facebook page is a good reflection of both his mind and his character as it has been revealed by his statements over time.

So it is with utmost respect that I wish to say this to him:

"Bad chossid! No streimel for you! There you go again, bear-bating the mashugonim in the heimishe velt, despite a great likelihood that some of them are so stark-raving bonkers that they'll NEVER accept rational arguments!"

I thoroughly enjoy his riling-up of those people, however, and it allows both him and many of his readers to exercise both reason and rhetoric.
Their doing so clarifies points that are worth clarifying.

And his more irrational readers probably had acid-reflux all through shabbes because of it; far better than any amount of cholent in that regard.
Healthier, too.

The near-certainty of their sourness gave me a warm feeling all the way through Saturday. It was far better than any amount of cholent, and healthier too.

Dov and pals normally disquisition here: DOVBEAR.

Think of it as rational and compassionate Jew-stuff, with a splash of vinegar added. Good for the heart, good for the head.
A cure for the philosophical hangover.

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