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Not everyone is as enamoured as I am of my favourite subjects. Many come here for only one purpose: FISH. They are fascinated by fish, they cannot get enough. Fish are warm and fluffy.
Little else interests them.

Over the years I have mentioned fish a number of times, but till now had not thought much of the matter.

Now there is a clickable label: FISH

Readers who are consumed by fish may scope out all articles on that subject that have been posted on this blog. Or at least the ones I think they should read; their questions will be answered.

There ARE other fishy subjects here; good luck finding them.

And no, fish does not automatically get associated with Cantonese women, no matter what you heard. Even though a large number of them are very fond of fish. Other people also like fish.
English people -- who do not grasp the difference between mackerel and herring -- Scandinavians, Scotsmen, and sundry Pacific islanders.

And the Dutch.

Who may do odd things with fish, if they cook it all.

[Steeped Fish]

Two pounds salmon fillets.
Two cucumbers; peeled, seeded, and sliced.
One carrot, thin coin cut.
One onion, sliced thinly.
One cup vinegar.
Half a cup of water or fish stock.
Quarter cup of lemon juice.
One Tsp. sugar.
Quarter Tsp. cayenne.
Pinches of salt and pepper.

Mix, spread plastic wrap over and press onto the surface, and set it in the refrigerator for half a day. Take it out when ready to eat.
Heat to a boil, then let cool to room temperature.
Garnish with minced parsley.

Serve as a first course, with some buttered brown bread from a dense loaf.

You should drink sherry or chilled genever with this.

NOTE: Fish should be shared. But finding someone to share it with is not so easy. Many Americans come from backward cultures which do not like fish, preferring instead to eat Spam, Chef Boyardee, or tuna in a can. Correcting their culinary misapprehensions is a Sisyphusarbeit of monumental proportions; daunting and well-nigh hopeless. The exceptions to this are Dutch American women, Cantonese American women, and Vegans (who eat none of the above).
Plus Belgians and Italians.

Probably due to several of my own peculiarities, I have not been able to find a Dutch American or Cantonese American with whom to dine.
Even in a city filled with Dutch and Cantonese people!
And I am completely uninterested in Vegans.
Esurient or otherwise.

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