Sunday, February 16, 2014


On the twenty seventh of September, 1996, Afghan president Mohammad Najibullah was seized by his countrymen, castrated, hitched to a vehicle and dragged through the streets of Kabul till quite utterly dead, then strung up on a traffic light for public ridicule.
His brother was treated likewise.

Mohammad Najibullah was a politician whose entire career had been created by the Russians, who had been involved in Afghanistan at that point in various ways for several years. He was hated by his people, and owed everything to his foreign masters. When the Soviets cut off aid to their puppet government in 1992, Najibullah's administration collapsed, and he found refuge in the UN compound.
Which did not protect him four years later.

The United States has nearly finished withdrawing from Afghanistan.
By the end of this year, we will be out of that place.

Hamid Karzai in recent months has shown himself to be a profound enemy of America, and has released numerous prisoners whose complicity and involvement in terrorism is absolutely certain.
He consistently rejects American requests, and treats our political considerations with undiplomatic disdain. Remarkable for a man whose position, nay entire political life, has been due to American support.
Even before recent events, Hamid Karzai was utterly duplicitous, and during the past few years the man has proven adept at studied unreliability.

That will probably not be enough to save him.

The best outcome would be that like his predecessor Najibullah, he too cannot flee Kabul in time; we certainly don't want him in the U.S.
Especially not in San Francisco, where he has relatives.
Nor Boston and Chicago.

Far better that he be castrated, dragged through the streets of Kabul, then hanged from a traffic light. Whether he is alive or dead at that point is immaterial.

It would be a bit problematic if that were done here.

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