Wednesday, February 16, 2011


While I wait on the phone I doodle. Sometimes I have to wait for several minutes, as the person I really need to speak with may be talking to a customer, or rumaging through his papers to find the invoice that is the subject of my call.
At least, I hope it’s one of those two possibilities.

I hate to hear a flushing sound. It may be unintended, but it tells me that the person on the other end of the line is not treating this discussion with the gravitas it deserves. I really do not mind people multitasking, but what if he or she needs to take notes? What are they going to clap to their face to hold up the phone?

I doodle as I wait. Sometimes the doodle is better than the conversation.

Not all days are equally productive.

The clients, they are wiley.

Patience is a virtue.

My pen is sharp, my pad is smooth, my ears are ready to hear clean things.
Answer the phone, please. You know I'll just keep calling otherwise.

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