Thursday, July 28, 2022


One of the last things my apartment mate did before leaving for work today was to perch the turkey vulture on the chair in my room on top of my laundry, swaddled in a shirt; a nice warm nestie. So I now have a carrion eater in there looking perky and supremely comfortable, and speculating to himself about life in the salt flats. Which he believes will be similar, but better. No, we won't let him go there. They'd beat him up and steal his lunch money. He's a rather innocent fellow; he still believes that tofu is a type of carrion, it's delicious!

Meanwhile, I am hepped on strong tea in front of my computer in the teevee room trying to ignore his happy noises.

Rickshaw brand black tea bags (車仔紅茶包 'che jai hung chaa baau'). Box blurb: "The Rickshaw Black Tea is a refreshing and strong aromatic cup of tea which is ideal for your hectic lifestyle, as it clears and calms your mind leaving you feeling composed."
My hectic lifestyle involves feathers.
But I am not alone in this.

The mother of one of my friends has started making toast for the neighborhood crows because she ran out of nuts.
The crows are probably delighted.

Routine: Coffee, smoke outside, coffee, bathroom, tea, tea, ponder food, tea, go get food, tea, tea, coffee, sleep. The number of tea is variable. Sometimes there is toast.

The number of pipes smoked isn't fixed.
But there's a predictability factor.

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