Tuesday, July 26, 2022


A few days ago someone commented, in response to my stating that there was fog on Nob Hill, that it was perfect for tea and biscuits. Pardon me? It's ALWAYS perfect time for tea and biscuits. A flood is bearing down on us sweeping away all before it? Let's save the teapot and the biscuit tin and get out of here. A devastating plague strikes down all the dumbasses in Mississippi? They should have worn masks, gotten vaccinated, and had some tea and biscuits. And an asteroid is hurtling to earth? Tea and biscuits!

In actual practice, however, on my days off tea and biscuits might be several hours apart. Biscuits when I'm not working are an evening thing, whereas the tea already started before noon, a few hours before any solids.

At work I'll have a packet of cheap cookies on which to snack throughout the day.
That and copious draughts of tea keep the palate fresh.
It's a "life style".

Whenever I see girl scouts I inevitably think of tea.
It's those fetching smiles, that lovely table.
That overflowing box underneath.
Yesterday I was displeased to find that the chachanteng where I wished to have my lunch was overflowing with tourists, so I walked around a bit grumbling to myself and considering all the other options, and by the time I had circled back two tables of kwailo had left.
As well as one or two tables of normal people. I found a convenient seat.

Lunch today will be closer to tea time, because the place to which I intend to go to will have emptied from the late noontime crowd by then. Some other milk tea aficionadoes delay their mid-day meal because places without milk tea are not as appealing, and the food at those restaurants is healthier, far less of a guilty pleasure.

The place where I've frequently eaten after cardiologists appointments sadly closed for good several weeks ago, and I have another appointment in a fortnight. I dislike breaking with tradition. Chachanteng food is tradition. Often with melted cheese on top.

Perhaps I'll go the place which always uses too much cheese.
Probably won't eat all of it; it's excessive.
Their milk tea is excellent.

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