Thursday, July 07, 2022


Because my apartment mate was dominating the television room with a conference call this morning I left the house early. Smoked two pipes in Chinatown, with a tasty bakery product in between. All the while cursing the hordes of maskless maternal parent loving tourists, who come from parts of the world where they haven't heard about Covid. Primitive places like Mississippi, Texas, Oakland, Fremont, the outer Richmond, and the Financial District.

The tobacco I'm currently enjoying is a mostly blonde Virginia, pressed and rubbed, with a little red and a touch of Perique. Rather delightfully old fashioned. It's calming.
Useful in an insane world.

"I would do anything, anything to protect my five grandchildren, including as a last resort shooting them if I had to, to protect the lives of my grandchildren."
----- Representative Debbie Lesko, a Republican from Arizona

You go, Debbie. I can only support you in that endeavor. You'll need an assault rifle to make sure they're done. It's the Jesus-loving American way. In fact, I encourage ALL people like Debbie Lesko to shoot their grandkids. Make America great again. And thank you.

Arizona is a special kind of place.
I'm not planning to visit.
They're nuts.

I also strongly advise people in Texas to shoot their grandkids, protectively.
That way they'll never need abortions, or masks.
Or vote against Louie Gomert.

This morning was very nice. The two pipes I had with me were an old Comoy-made squat bulldog, and a French pot at least two decades older than myself.
Good smokes. Old briar.


I have a confession to make. I'm not a very social person, and I do not like my fellow human beings. I would rather not be around many of them. The only reason I leave the apartment every day when I'm off work is because I need both the exercise and the stimulation; it improves circulation, digestion, brain function, and mood.

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