Thursday, July 07, 2022


"If we get lost in Palo Alto, we'll end up in Africa running into the Yeti!" This is according to the apartment mate, concerning a car-jaunt planned for the near future. When I pointed out that that was extremely unlikely -- yetis are Himalayan, not African -- she asserted that if a yeti had also gotten lost, it would end up in Africa too. Everybody 'lost' ends up in Africa.

"Stupid white guys, always think they know everything."

Africa is not in any line, direct or otherwise, reachable by car from Palo Alto. But, not being naturally inclined toward disputatiousness, I did not point this out.

My previous contribution to computer table conversation had been to speculate that if an octopus and a squirrel were to marry and produce offspring, it would be a 'squirtopus'.
With furry tentacles. This theorem was not received well.

I shan't provide an illustration.

On our planned journey, I shall have a map and provide directions.
We make this trip every year. Same route every time.
She is navigationally challenged.
Pray for us.

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