Thursday, July 14, 2022


So the big question today is 'are my refills ready for pick-up?' Yesterday was three months since the last visit to the pharmacy at Chinese Hospital, and there's enough to last barely another week. So I expect they are. That is the only question I have.
For readers of my blog there may be some other questions. Like "does my mother love me?" "Is the world going to end?" "Why are we here? "Will he still say he loves me afterwards?" "What happened on Real Housewives?" "Is this what existential despair feels like?"
And "what is there to snack upon?"

The answers to all of that: 1) Not really, but she's kind of okay with how you turned out. 2) Not in the foreseeable future. 3) Who the heck knows, kid, who the heck knows. 4) Ditch him, he's young and shallow, and his friends are probably problem drinkers. 5) They fought, they screamed, and there were cocktails. 6) You're probably too young to have existential despair, that's the coffee wearing off, plus your brassiere is constricting your chest and interfering with your breathing. Consult a professional, not the dingbats at Victoria's Secret.
7) I'm hoping it's an oven-hot egg tart and a charsiu turnover.

Shortly after I've visited the pharmacy.

Another key question is 'which briar pipe should I be conspicuously twiddling when I drop by the pharmacy to ellicit cheerful protestation from whoever assists me there that smoking is very bad I should stop if I do I might live to be a hundred plus children animals elderly civilians will all like me and not recoil shrieking in terror.
For maximum effect -- the shrieking in terror and recoiling -- it is probably best to light up in the most crowded part of Chinatown, four or five blocks from the pharmacy, so that there are plenty of white tourist kiddie winkies animals old dumptrucks around. Yesterday afternoon a small person stared at me and my pipe in consternation and wonder. There probably aren't any pipe smokers left in Iowa, Kansas, or Ohio. Sad.

We'll find out the answers to both of those questions shortly.

I'm looking forward to it all.

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