Sunday, July 03, 2022


What this society needs is churchpeople going on regular tours of low places to spread the word of god. Not because habitués of such places actually need or want the word of god, but because churchpeople need lessons about the real world. I just like the concept of upstanding Christian folk being cussed out at regular intervals.
I'm not particular about the creed.
All of them.

In case you're wondering, I spent the entire day in the company of dinosaurs, and am, consequently, a sour and embittered young man. Young, because unlike them I am not wilfully and deliberately old, ignorant, stupid, and Republican. They're my age but their minds have been closed for decades (and they're coarse-minded racists sexist pigs). My role there is to keep them from flinging pooh at the humans who come in occasionally. The Irishman is a particular problem, because he punctuates everything with the F word, has a loud voice, and won't shut up. He's also barely literate. Grammar school level.
Very far right, and batshit crazy.

The cigar bar people probably wonder why I no longer show up there in the evening. The main reason is that I am exposed to cigar smokers enough, I do not require any further torture. I particularly remember to the two Texan gun nuts who voted for Trump.
Don't need any more Texans either.

Fortunately I know enough sane and intelligent Irishmen that the crazy stupid one does not incline me against Hibernians. And only a few of them are vulgar blowhards.

If everyone back there would kindly shut the hell up about sports and politics that would be very nice. Hell, if they just shut up, period.

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