Wednesday, July 06, 2022


It was on the warmer side today, around seventy, and I was dressed too thick. Consequently when I got home I felt like crap. The coolness of the evening has given me back my arteries, though I still feel unwell. As Johnny Depp in the persona of Raoul (Hunter S, Thompson) says "my blood is too thick for Nevada, I have never been able to properly explain myself in this climate ... be quiet, be calm". Substitute North Beach in Summer for Nevada, and that's precisely it. Given that the bloodpressure medication seems to interfere with both my ability to feel heat and my body properly responding to it. I am a lizard, and my electric rock has to be between sixty Fahrenheit and sixty four, precisely and approximately.

Seeing overweight tourists poncing around in indecent shorts and grungy tee-shirts, quite comfortable with themselves and this weather, gives me no joy. I suspect that during the last two or three decades of my life I'll be bellyaching about the temperature and foreigners from the rest of the country too often. Must watch out for that. Resist.

"Why hello Mississippi native (you slobby sumbitch), how nice to see you (it isn't), so glad you like California (leave, dammit), you really should go to Fisherman's Wharf (and get savagely clobbered by a sea lion)."

Be calm, be courteous, be kind. Compliment them on something.
Even if it's only that they can speak English intelligibly.
Act, if necessary, like a charm school alumnus.
Smoked two pipes while stupidly not responsive to the too-muchness of temperatures today. There is something delightful about being in a restaurant or bakery where people are happily masticating, and Cantonese people just honestly enjoy their food. It's charming and cheering. They do not enjoy hot weather however; a number of older folks were moving around slowly, and I should have taken heed from that. Seeing as I know that I will not actually sense that it is too hot in time, and my body won't deal well with that fact.

Lizard, electric rock, 60 - 64 degrees.

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