Friday, July 01, 2022


June ended not a moment too soon. It wasn't a good month, and the less said about it the better. Stop me before I go on about it ad nauseum. Basically, June 2022 stank.

One good thing: Yesterday at the bakery the counter lady resolutely discouraged and chased off the volatile loony with no-nonsense iron in her voice. He had been planning to make a scene till he got what he wanted, and left grumbling and displeased. Not everyone is willing to put up with a pissy ethnic with chips on his shoulder, some Chinese are trying to run a business, okay? And kudos to her.

Chesa Boudin would have said that she should have shown some understanding, how insensitive, undoubtedly society and his horrid childhood made him this way.
His actions weren't a crime, and there were no victims.

The counter lady would respond: 唔關我嘅事!

She's probably had it with Karens.
All types of them.
I may be there again on July Fourth. Because nothing says Indepence Day quite like avoiding tourists by hiding out in a Chinese Bakery for an hour. Tea, pastries, no damn hotdogs, nor a parade with scantily clad red white and blue teenage drum majorettes.

The picture above is because it's the first of the month. Rabbit rabbit.
It is traditional to start the month with "rabbit rabbit".
Good luck or something.

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