Sunday, November 29, 2020


Based on what I ate for dinner, I have a flaky crust and I am filled with rich buttery goodness. It's a good thing I do not self-identify according to what I eat or snack upon, as that would mean that sometimes I am a vegetable, and every day I would be a bottle of hot sauce.

If I self-identified according to what was in my pipe, today I'd have been, in this order: 1) red Virginia with a touch of Perique. 2) a bland smooth Virginia flake, allegedlywith some Perique included, but it wasn't noticeable. 3) Mixed Virginias with a touch of dark leaf. 4) A brand new product with the faintest hint of pear added to medium Virginias.

I actually self-identify according to caffeine level. Today I was zipped to the tits. It was a rather enjoyable day that went by too fast. A cup and a half of coffee before leaving the house, six cups of tea at work, and another cup of coffee upon coming home.

The pear topping on the tobacco was not noticeable.

And it utterly failed to remind me of a lovely dessert I made years ago: poached pears drizzled in homemade pear syrup, wrapped in a flaky pastry crust, baked, with dollops of cream on top to serve. If you treat bananas similarly, that too is delicious.

When poaching pears, add a splash of coffee to deepen the flavour.
Spices like cinnamon are a waste of time, avoid them.
A squeeze of lemon juice for freshness.
One or two whole cloves.

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