Thursday, November 05, 2020


Numerous examples nation-wide demonstrate that there isn't enough valium in the drinking water. It's a major problem. Fluoride levels are holding, however, as are micro chips.
With nearly fifty percent having voted for the cretin, this blogger has lost his faith in the goodness of the American people, a diverse group that more or less can be said to represent all (or most) of humanity. Well, actually, I had absolutely no damned faith in them to begin with, for which I was, for many years, labelled a cynic and too darn European (I have no faith in Europeans either, for what it's worth).
What I do have faith in is a good pipe, some solid tobacco, and the tides. Presently smoking Greg Pease's Stonehenge Flake in a Peterson. And contemplating man's inanity to man.


A paranoid yoga instructor boasts about going unmasked while attending a convention of like-minded people in Greenville, South Carolina ("Flatober Fest"). And claims that Covid only infects artificial people, who pay taxes and have drivers' licenses.

Elsewhere, a beer fan disrupts a press conference with drunken screams about the Biden crime family.

Random accusation from the internet: the Democrats want to win power by making Joe Biden president.

None of this happened in San Francisco. And people still accuse us of being out of touch with reality. Heck, we're normal. Sane, balanced, rational. The rest of you are off your nut, and far too often racists, bigots, and crypto-fascists to boot.

Please stay where you are, and forcrapssake don't ever come here. Don't even visit. You do not need to leave your heart in San Francisco. The streets are cleaner than they've been in years now, many of the nuts have gone home, and we like it like this.
Stonehenge is a damned fine product. I'm going through this tin at a rapid clip, and probably swilling too much coffee and tea. Feeling more optimistic about the future than at the beginning of the lockdown, despite so many joggers on the public street and Republicans in Marin not wearing masks. Life is good. And nobody has bellyached about my smoking in weeks.
Just goes to show the benefit of being cut-off from the rest of the country.
Where armed Republicans threaten Election boards.
And Christians adulate adulterers.


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