Sunday, November 29, 2020


So as of twelve noon today San Francisco is going into further restrictions. No gatherings between ten PM and five AM. Fewer people in shops, or at outdoor dining facilities.
Stringent social distancing. Go out only if essential. And no singing!

I'm blaming stupid people for this. Locally, that would be the outdoor drinkers, maskless wanderers and joggers, bicyclists, skateboarders, and potsmokers. Plus Republicans, denialists, conspiracists, and dingbats who listen to Rand Paul.

And of course people who claim a medical exemption. One of whom, at half my age, tried to claim that he had a heart-condition that prevented him from wearing a mask ......

Dude. I have a heart condition. I'm taking half a dozen medications daily. I've had a coronary stent installed. Wear the damned mask or I'll break your damned nose.

He put on the mask.

Still, stupid people. Every day I see hosebags out in public without their masks. Joggers and their moisture-laden turbulence are the biggest culprits, but dog walkers are a close second, and aimless brainless idiots are a not inconsiderable third segment.
San Francisco is filled with stupid people.

Just like the rest of the country.

It makes little difference to me, of course, because if I'm not heading to work I carry a stout walking stick to swat people with, and I'm so antisocial that from ten feet away you can sense the homicidal intent, nor do I have a large family of humans that might gather at any hour, let alone ten in the evening to five in the morning -- stuffed creatures, yes, but they avoid humans in any case, and are not likely to infect my apartement mate or myself -- nor do I drink outdoors or smoke pot. So I don't really care. And I'm heartless about the fate of the stupid people.

Very sincerely.

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