Friday, November 13, 2020


Australia banned a Peppa Pig episode because spiders trigger the beans out of Aussies.
Or maybe they're just racists. Speciesist. Phobics. Goofy.
There's a spider in the episode.

Mister Skinny Legs, the very controversial episode written in 2004, is about Peppa befriending a large spider, with the encouragement of her father. In the episode she offers the arachnid some tea and tucks it nicely into bed.

But not in Australia. It's "inappropriate for Australian audiences."

Our household spider, Mr. Pierpont, is quite upset with the Australians, and thinks that if Steve Irwin were still alive this would never have happened. He'd talk some testicles into their goofy little heads. Perhaps over tea. With vegemite or whatever.

Mr. Pierpont (seen above) is quite fond of tea.

And he's heard of 'Pavlova', a meringue-like dessert cake topped with fruit and whipped cream, not flavoured with Vegemite.

Australia is home to several startling things, including but not limited to: Kangaroos, Chateau Chunder Wine, Koalas, Vegemite (severely boiled down and reduced koala), blue ringed octopods, Logan, Perth, and the gimpie gimpie tree.

But they're scared of spiders.

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