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On the twenty ninth of December a reader left a lovely comment about one of my essays. Unfortunately I have no way of knowing what post that may have been, as the comment was in my letterbox. But what I do know is that it related to one of nearly twenty essays under the header Smoking Women.


I want to light up a pipe and continue reading. Your blogs are fantastic. Thank you for the dribblings from your point of view.

I had stumbled upon your words from google in searching women pipe smokers. I had smelled a fantastic scent and knew right away it had clove in it. I had to sample. And where has that led me? In searching for my own pipe. I think it will be a marvelous day when I can burn in a briar and read great novels or the words of a 21st century columnist. I appreciate your point of view and your diatribe. Thank you for the encouraging words for women pipe smokers!


End quote.

Thank you for the very kind words, Jodi, I am glad you like my dribbling! And you should know that your existence, and that of other women pipe smokers, is immensely comforting to male pipe smokers. It tells us that we are not peculiar, and if we ever have children of whichever gender, there will be someone to share a bowl with eventually, after work or when they come back from college for the summer.

Or someone who will surreptitiously deplete our stash, but who will appreciate the tins they make off with in the same way we would.

I have often wished that my father had stored several tins of the tobaccos he used to smoke when I an infant. I always loved the fragrance of his pipes, and I still put my nose to them occasionally to help me remember.

Pipe tobacco with a hint of clove: J. F. Germain's Plum Cake Mixture, Astley's No. 2 Mixture, and Samuel Gawith's Westmorland Mixture.
All three are very fine products.

Respectively: an endearing oddity of mostly flue-cured leaf, a Virginia blend with perique, and something trying to masquerade as a Latakia compound.
All three are very enjoyable. The Astley's No. 2 probably has the most noticeable clove fragrance (eugenol), along with bergamot.
Obviously a legacy from the days of snuff.


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