Wednesday, December 20, 2017


After a news item a while back I was aware that McDonalds once featured a 'Szechuan Sauce'. Today I found out that the original and correct name was 'Mulan Sauce'. Which is still pretty dingbatty.

If you go into China Town, they probably won't know what you are talking about. And politely think you a bit goofy. Which you won't even notice, don't worry. Out in the avenues they'll nod sagely, and bring you a bowl of something sweet and vaguely Szechuanese.


Quarter cup Water.
Quarter cup Sriracha-type hot sauce.
Three TBS Golden sugar.
Two TBS Tomato Ketchup.
Two TBS Rice Wine of Sherry.
Two TBS Vinegar.
Two TBS Soy sauce.
Dash of Louisiana Hotsauce.
Minced Garlic and Ginger, your own judgment
Dried Red Pepper Flakes, for visual effect.
A pinch of Five Spice Powder.
A pinch of Ground Pepper.
A few drops of Sesame oil.

Mix well. Simmer while stirring til it reaches the right thickness for dipping.
Serve with breaded chicken bits or other shit.

Experiment a bit to achieve the taste that seems right to you. Then surprise your relatives with this at Christmas Dinner. Make your bird festive this year with something exotic!

On Christmas Day I'll be eating by myself in Chinatown.

It might be roast duck over rice.

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Alfred Garbaggio said...

Now that Hanukkkah is over, the War on Tu Bishvat starts, and will continue for the next few weeks. Are you familiar with this fenomenon? Really interesting fodder for a post by you.

And a bunch of other posts by really angry bloggers. Mah Rabu is the ringleader.

Alfred Garbaggio said...

Nu?????? A reaction? A post? Pleeeeeeze?

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