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Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Several years ago a lesbian of my acquaintance made yum-yum sounds about the shapely teenage daughter of a colleague. Before she found out who the girl was. Now, far be it from me to begrudge another person a filthy mind -- lord knows I have one, and it gives me much joy -- but it does serve to illustrate that one must, above all, be extremely careful about what comes out of one's mouth.

There was a nice young lady sitting opposite me on the bus down to Chinatown yesterday. No, I have no idea whether she's shapely or not; her clothing was comfortable and baggy, and I spent the entire time admiring her very fine nose, mouth, cheeks, lips. Nicely sculpted lips. Out of the corner of my eye. Surreptitious. Sneaky glances.
Excellent peripheral vision.

A friend once said that I was born a dirty old man.
And that I've been getting better ever since.
As well as, vampire like, younger.

Saw her again as I was scarfing down a lovely charsiu roll, which was deliciously flaky, and a hot cup of Hong Kong style milk-tea.
I've been going to her dad's coffee shop for years.
Never even knew he had a daughter.

Two good things stand out:

1) I am far too self-disciplined to say anything culpable to a complete stranger, OR let anyone realize that my eyes are going into hyper-drive. See, my eyes are deepset, and unless there's a direct glance, I look exactly like the mysterious and poker-faced raccoon.

2) She was too self-absorbed or preoccupied to notice anything. I have reason to believe she had recently come from the dentist.
Don't ask for details, you won't get any.

I know where she got her features from.
It all makes complete sense now.

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