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Tuesday, July 08, 2014


This post will have no mention of the World Cup, nor of the horrendous outpouring of bigotry on various people's Facebook pages anent events in Israel and the territories. You, dear reader, are probably sick and tired of those things too. I shall not post a youtube clip today either. For some reason Youtube recommended that I watch a four hour feed of an orthodox rally against the draft that took place over three months ago in Jerusalem. What on earth is You tube thinking? Like I know from men in black? March of the penguin hordes?

Draft them; it will give those bocherim some much needed exercise.

Most of them are not suited for yeshiva and kollel anyway.

One cannot figure out what else they're good for.

Obviously not soccer; too nonathletic.

What I propose to do today is read up on corvids and raccoons, while thinking about dinner. Something with green curry paste and coconut milk. Plus lots of ginger. Sometimes one needs to step back from the world, and let the hairy loonies scream by themselves in the wilderness. Self-imposed solitude is good for mental health.

Note: Solitude is NOT isolation. Subjects to which I have exposed myself in the last thirty six hours: Sawerigading and I La Galigo, Bugis maritime trade and panisi schooners, Sabah, Tawi-Tawi, kingdoms in Basilan and Sulu, Naresuan, Suryothai, Phitsanulok, Hongsawadee, Thaksin, Chao Praya, cloud ears, Ming vases, languages (Mon, Khmer, Thai, Tausug, Samal, Yakan, Igorot, Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, Kannada, Punjabi, Nepali), bidets, Yorkshire, World War One, donut poisoning in Holland, fruit-eating bats, rhino-plasty, haemorragic fevers, mosquito-born diseases, gin, air-cured tobacco, orphans, hotdogs, mechanically separated meat froth, peanut butter, mold, medicated foot powder, ceramic terminology, stage performances, iambic pentameters, a poppadum jingle, and just a tiny bit of smut.

It was all rewarding and productive.
And there's a common thread.
Several of them.

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