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Monday, July 07, 2014


This blogger admires two young ladies. Which is a little inappropriate, nay, extremely inappropriate. Perverse even, and demented.

Because neither of them are in my age-bracket. Or anything even remotely close.

They are both very talented. And attractive.

And have strong opinions about soccer.

[Necessary background: The Netherlands beat Mexico. Mexico lost, and saw their hopes of glory shatter; there was lamentation in the land. Then the Dutch triumphed over Costa Rica. Olé, ole, olé!]

The first one is a fiery little Mexican spitfire.



In short, she accuses the Dutch team of cheating, foul play, plus several perversions; damns them all, praises her own national team, and lambastes Fifa for being fools. She also doesn't like the rest of Europe.
Which consists of unmanly men and she-goats.

Dang!  I'm in love!
Mary me, bitch.
You're hot!

Here's a Dutch girl responding with a gentle song of remonstrance:

QUE TE DEN ....... !


Wow, both sweet and nasty! Hot damn, I bet you would be great fun to cut classes with! That evil sneering smile near the end just about made me melt. Oooooh, you so mean!

May I suggest that you both duke it out in the jello-wrestling pit? We'll provide flavours in your national colours. Almond for the white in the Dutch flag, Coconut for the white in the Mexican flag.

Really, you two are just so frigging adorable!
With your meanspirited high spirits.
I could hug you both.

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