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Thursday, January 09, 2014


They turned the corner, and headed in my direction. The little girl was skipping. As they passed, I heard her say "but these are SPECIAL shoes". Now, normally when I hear a female person mentioning footwear, I cringe.
I know too much about Michael Kors, Prada, Jimmy Choo, Louboutin, Sigerson Morrison, Manolo Blahnik.......

But this little lady was wearing sneakers.

Comfy looking PINK sneakers.

Well, mostly pink. But there was also some white and red. They looked very stylish. And clearly they made her happy. As I said, she was skipping. Her footwear gave her vim, and the fact that it was both comfortable AND pretty must have added an extra dimension.
Proper arch support, and unlike pumps, no strain on the back.
More women should wear pink sneakers.
They'd be much happier.

Her shiny black pigtails bobbed wildly as she hopped along. So did her bang. She was a very beautiful little person, but maybe it was just her sheer joy at wearing her SPECIAL shoes that made her so. Clearly her parents loved her, why else would they give her something so nice?
Something that made her so radiant?

The majority of older girls -- adult women -- are rarely as pleased with decent footwear. Instead, the mature single woman yearns for Prada, Blahnik, and Choo. And you NEVER see them skipping.

Grown-up women are, usually, bitterly cynical.

Which is a tragic state of affairs.

They lack special shoes.

Poor them.

I stopped to watch the family as they receded into the distance. The little girl was still bouncing when they turned onto Jackson Street.

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