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Friday, February 01, 2013


Recent readers have suggested that posting a video of Pink Floyd, and linking the images thus presented to excesses committed by despicable British neo-nazis..... pardon, actions of the reasonable and rational English Defense League and its estimable members..... whose rank and file is drawn primarily from illiterate syphilitics and pub-racists, the lout and yobbo classes, damn them all to hell (which place is remarkably like British housing developments that reek of boiled starch and burning fat, no indoor plumbing except for the loo they plugged up years ago with the results of granny's horrid cooking), football hooligans, vandals, looters, and braindead nimrods who hate the Scotch........

Sorry, I got distracted for a moment.

Anyhow, they indicated POLITELY that seeing a connection between Pamela Geller, Tommy Robinson, and the English Defense League, on the one hand, with thuggism, resurgent neo-Nazism, and outright racist bilge, on the other, was the kind of thing that ONLY a West-Coast liberal f*cktard was capable of doing.
And not a gentlemanly thing.

Oh well.

The opinions of inbred right-wing gun-nut retrogrades and their sexually abused younger sisters iz mir ganz scheiƟ-egal.

There aren't two hands involved.
The above mentioned don't have enough brains for ambidexterity.

Here's another video.

If you play it backward, Tommy Robinson is singing "come to Satan, abort your sister's foetus, destroy the evidence now".
Truly. Echt, und ba emmes.



BTW, have any of you American Rightwingers even realized that stockpiling arms to use in case the government tries to take them away is, in fact, plotting treason?

For that matter, do any of you racist devolutionaries even understand that if it weren't for the influences of non-European cultures and civilizations, life in the Western World would be nasty, brutish, and short -- precisely like your relatives?

Coffee, tea, glass, paper, modern medicine, mathematics, algebra, geometry, astronomy, chemistry, metallurgy, navigation, tomatoes, chilies, rice, corn, potatoes, gourds, pumpkins, rubber, peanuts, sutures, microscopes .......

And gunpowder.


Admittedly, societal norms and culture in Western Europe are currently at a low ebb.
That probably has more to do with the inefficiency and corruption of European governments, the sexual profligacy of their young people, the rampant alcoholism that drenches their lives, and the huge rise in drug-use and STDS in their lower-class housing developments, plus the ghastly climate, than it does with the Turk, Moroccan, or Paki who sweeps their streets and all too often graduates from a Medical School so that he can treat Europeans in an emergency room after they've been stabbed in a soccer-riot.

I strongly doubt that the average member of the English Defense League has even got a shred of that capability. Let alone any ethics, morals, or insight. They're too drunk, diseased, and depraved, for that.
Hence probably perfect company for Pamela.
Matches her audience pretty well.

Feedback somewhat welcome.

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