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Sunday, February 24, 2013


The beautiful town of Gatkes rise high over Ketsegbeises Folyam, a minor tributary of the Danube, several miles before it joins that famous river. During the Habsbourg centuries it was know as Unterbruchen, though the original Hungarian name, Bugyi, was still in common currency.
Bugyi remains a by-word for earthly delights to this day.

It was here that the genius later know as Rabbeinu Mi Gatkes established a small beis medresh that brought the joy of knowledge to many surrounding communities.

"Va'aseh lachem michnesei vad lechassot basar ervah, mimatenayim v' ad yerechayim yich-hu."

Taking as his grundshlag this possuk from Seifer Shemos (28:42), the Ramgat (Rabbeinu Mi Gatkes) shperred that this commandment was fundamental to a tzniusdikke lebn in golus.
And, lechatchilla, that it would no longer be nutzlich upon the coming of Mosshiach, for as it is written, "ve-shafat betzedek dalim ve-hochiah bemishor leianvei aretz, vehikkah eretz b'shevet piv-u-verruach sfatav yamit rasha" ('He will judge the righteous poor and judge with fearness the constricted, and strike down with the stick of his mouth the wicked'), and further "ufeduyi YHW yeshuvun uva-u Tzion berinnah ve simchat olam al rosham sasa ve simcha yassigun hasu-yagon v'anachah" ('and therefore the Lord's righteous people shall return to Zion with joy upon their heads, while sorrow and conflict shall disappear forever').
Which mamesh must imply that what once they wore so low will now be worn strictly upon their brow.
Lemai nafka mina, what else could liberation mean?

And if some wore festive linen garments on their heads anticipatorily, they should not be faulted, because it is in the nature of man to hope.

[If anything, this was stam azoi about French ailments ('le brûlage du clappe'), for is not a severe itch prophesied? Vi es shteyt geshribn, 'both shields and corsets --- shall burn on them for seven years'.]

"U magen vetzinnah --- ubi'aru bachem es sheva sanim"
[Yechezkiel 39:9]

The Ramgat and his eishis chayil disported themselves oif shabbes without the constrictions favoured by the local goyim, which was commented upon favourably by many.
Gradda, even the neighborhood galachim praised their ruchnius and gashmius, and could often be found in a deep state of inspiration in their abode, studying bronfen with vigour.
Ad delo yoda bein Haman.....

The Ramgat's life work is found in the Likkutei Gatkes, and may be perushed at your local library.
Both the Rebbe of Prolicz and the Baal Ha Turetz studied it.
We can davka do no less.

A gitten voch, y'all.

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