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Wednesday, February 06, 2013


I'll be honest with you. There are only a few things I really want out of life.
My desires are fairly simple, and the list is short.

1) I want to win the lottery.
2) I want a girlfriend who is cute, intelligent, ethical, and stubborn.
3) I want to live forever.

See, that isn't so bad. And note that dictator for life is not even mentioned.
This should all be part of the realm of possibility. Winning the lottery would make everything very much easier, and quite possibly more fun. Don't know exactly what I would do with a couple of million bucks, but I'm sure I could find something.
I'm convinced that a girlfriend who is cute, intelligent, ethical, and stubborn, is also possible, because it happened to me once before. Cute is ideal, but the last three qualifications are of course absolute. For the very simple reason that a rational person would not wish to spend any time with someone who was dumb as a brick, with criminal tendencies, and no backbone. It is doubtful even that such an individual could be 'cute'. I just don't associate 'cute' with dullness, dishonesty, and flightiness.
Some people do. It explains Hollywood.

The third item on the list will take some doing.
I may die trying.

If I had to add just one more thing, it would be a superbly juicy pork chop. Far too often those things are dry and inedible. What is it about pork chops that brings out the worst in cooks?

Mmm, a nice tender pork chop!

Worth dreaming about.

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