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Monday, January 28, 2013


I recently found what appears to be a very early video of the English Defense League (headed by Tommy Robinson) in action, which should absolutely be required viewing for anyone seriously interested in the future of Western Civilization.

Especially as that same civilization, precious to all of us, seems ever more under threat, and the infandous assault on everything we hold dear is unabaiting, constantly increasing in viciousness, and further and further divorced from any semblance of morality and ethics.

If you care for our society, if you worry about our present time, if you feel that we are besieged, watch this video!

It is both instructive, and cautionary.

The truth is out there.




Pamela Geller, of the blog Atlas Shrugs, passionately defends Tommy Robinson, leader of the English Defense League, whose deranged ideology mirrors that of some of the worst tyrants of the twentieth century. An ideology that Pink Floyd references in the clip.

"We know who our masters are. We just want them to do their job."
------Tommy Robinson

It must be a generational thing.
Pink Floyd. My generation.

Disagreeing with Madame Geller is pointless.

Let's just agree with another blogger (LGF) that Pamela Geller is a swivel-eyed loon and leave it at that.

But do feel free, if you are so inclined, to opine that ms. Geller is ALSO an incoherent hate-filled rambling wackjob.
I cannot dispute it.

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