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Tuesday, October 07, 2008


A frequent reader and occasional commenter draws my attention to the upcoming visit of Norman Finkelstein, kapo and collaborateur-extraordinaire of the International Phillistinist Enterprise, which will be sponsored by the usual gang of thugs at UC Berkeley - that being an Arab-funded operation going under the name of 'Students For Justice In Palestine'.

She writes:
I'd like to start a thread here (just making myself at home, sorry BOTH. Just another pesky Jew colonizing a blog and displacing the indigenous population).

Norman Finkelstein, self loathing Jew and enabler of anti-Semitism is talking at UC Berkeley next week.

On his blog he comes out in favor of "pie-ing" as protected free speech.

Since Israel, truth, and pie are all relevant to this blog, I'd like to ask the readership?

What pie for Norman?
I'm leaning towards pecan, since he's just plain nuts, but Bavarian cream has a certain poetic justice to it as well.

I've been doing my research, but I still can't decide.

"During the last great wave of pie-ings in the late 1990s, a British pie company, Tesco, actually tested all its varieties for aerodynamics, crust dispersion and creamability. For best results, the company recommended egg custard, lemon meringue and anything with a fruit filling. "All our pies fly extremely well," company spokeswoman Melodie Schuster proudly told The Wall Street Journal."

Any suggestions of a pie for Finkelstein?

Much thanks


Well, the first thing that pops into my head is tofu cheesecake (several recipes here), primarily because while it goes down smoothly, it will inevitably give you the runs. Tofu cheesecake is better than most laxatives in that regard, and proves, once again, that white folks messing with tofu are responsible for a lot that is wrong in this world. Tofutti, tofurky, tofam, tofalestinians, tofacon, tofu dogs, tofu ice cream, and tofu spam.

If you really want tofu, eat it with meat sauce.

MA PO TOFU (麻婆豆腐)

One block firm tofu (14 oz).
1/4 lb ground meat.
2 TBS chili paste.
2 TBS Szechuan hot bean paste (laat dou fan jeung 辣豆瓣酱).
2 TBS regular oil.
1 TBS chili oil.
½ TBS Szechuan peppercorns (fa-chiew 花椒,alternative name: san-chiew 山椒). roasted and finely ground .
½ Tsp fermented black beans (dou-see 豆豉) soaked and mashed.
2 scallions, cut to 2 inch lengths.
2 gloves garlic, chopped.
½ TBS soy sauce.
Quarter cup stock and a jigger of sherry.
Pinch of sugar, pinch of cornstarch - blended in a little hot water.

Cut tofu into chunks, blanch in gently boiling water, drain. Sauté the ground meat, garlic, and spicy bean paste in the two oils till the meat is no longer pink. Add the chili paste, dao see, and soy sauce, stir around to mix everything, then add the tofu, stock, and sherry. Cook, gently stirring (to prevent the tofu breaking up) for a few minutes, then add the fa-chiew, scallions, and the pinches of sugar and cornstarch which have been blended in a little hot water. Stir a little longer and plate it.

On second thought, even Norman Finkelstein doesn't deserve tofu cheesecake. Nobody does. But what would be utterly perfect is three day old Blue Peeps Pie (recipe here: Horrid Goyish Treif).

You will have to age it three days yourself. Or longer. Unrefrigerated is good.

You might also wonder what other colours of peeps for perverted pie would be appropriate - I favour the blue ones, because it would painfully remind the rat and his acolytes of Israel - especially if you sprayed whipped cream on the pie before serving it to him. Several days before serving it to him.
But any colour would do. Even red, black, white, and green (maraschino cherries, soft licorice, cool whip, and chunks of lime jello - think of it as Palestinian Ambrosia Salad).

Please discuss. And bon appetite!

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  • At 8:07 PM, Blogger Spiros said…

    How about chicken liver pie, with a thin covering of Miracle Whip?
    And yes, I know I'm a sick bastard.

  • At 6:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Ah- but to be a sick bastard in a world of sick bastards is to be normal.

  • At 2:12 PM, Blogger LanceThruster said…

    Dr. Finkelstein is a truth-teller. Should someone want to attack him for that I should think humble pie would be appropriate.

  • At 2:32 PM, Blogger The back of the hill said…

    Lance Thruster? Lance Thruster!!???

    My dear mister Thruster, I shan't debate with you, as you are clearly too dellusional to be swayed. And besides that, with the user name you have chosen, you paint yourself as a male chauvenist with a tiny penis and a massive set of issues.
    You are an uber creep. Get medicated.

  • At 4:09 PM, Blogger LanceThruster said…

    Hard to compete with 'logic' such as yours. I shan't even attempt it.

  • At 11:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    The problem with herr Finkelstein is that his scholarship has been shown to be both suspect and sloppy, his conclusions are not supported by the material (and he cherry picks perhaps more blatantly than many other "scholars"), and his well-publicized tiffs with others (most notably Dershowitz) are self-serving publicity seeking stunts.

    His association with others of his own ilk (particularly Chomsky) call his ideological basis into question. And his odd Oedipal exploitation of his mother indicate that, like many, he has issues with his past, and her past.

    That said, I find the defense of so contentious a figure to be questionable. There are people, Jews even, who would gladly utilize a "Jewish" scholar (even one who loudly trumpets his 'Jewishness', and whose 'scholarship' is by others loudly trumpeted) for anti-Semitic and anti-Israel agendas.

    And further, his willing association with those who would seek Israel's destruction, such as Hezbollah, the Iranian mullahs, and the various American far-left haters and conspirators, show him to be an immoral and unethical tool. A willing hater of his own people, who stands for nothing but getting back at his mother, and her relatives whose absence weighed so heavily on his child-hood.

    Finkelstein needs therapy, Chomsky needs to shut the fu&& up, and Carter needs to be institutionalized. Tutu, Morris, and the European left all need to be locked up for supporting terrorists.

    Paul Larrudee and Allison Weir need to be investigated for ties to and funding from hostile foreign interests.

    Got a problem with that, mister LanceThruster?

    ---Grant Patel

  • At 11:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    And by the way, is LanceThruster the cover for some Paki bhainchoot? I suspect it is. I suspect, further, that LanceThruster is sympathetic to the Muslim cause. Perhaps you should look into what the Muslims and their Quislings have done to India. And, further back, to Persia.

    I would particularly advise you to look into the history of the bollocky Muslims as regard to minorites and other religious creeds. Like the Christians in the Levant, and the Parsees in Iran.

    Why is it that the Bahai find refuge in Israel, the Philistine Christians flee to liquor stores in California, and the Parsees are centered in India?

    Could it be because Muslims, and their sympathisers, and their collabborators, are little more than intolarant murderous deviants with a creed pretty damn close to witchcraft and gnostic word-worship?

    Fuck offf, cunt.

    ---Grant Patel

  • At 2:22 PM, Blogger LanceThruster said…

    Grant - Your *expertise* in what constitutes 'terrorism' is pretty lacking if it does not include some of the region's originators of terrorist attacks.

    Attacks by the Irgun and Stern Gang

  • At 3:41 PM, Anonymous the lord of Swamp Castle, father of 'Erbert said…

    This is supposed to be a happy occasion; let's not argue and bicker about "who killed who"!

  • At 3:43 PM, Anonymous salaciously amphibious said…

    Lance porn name.

  • At 4:18 PM, Blogger LanceThruster said…

    the lord of Swamp Castle, father of 'Erbert said…

    This is supposed to be a happy occasion; let's not argue and bicker about "who killed who"!

    Very funny line; Simpsons? Monty Python?


    salaciously amphibious said...

    Lance porn name.

    Dirk Diggler was taken. Yours isn't too bad yourself.

  • At 10:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Pussy Galore? Taken.
    Why talk politics when you can talk porn?
    Or pie.

    Hmmmmm. Pie. Luscious, silky creamy pie. Feel it in your mouth, feel sliding gently down your throat. Hmmm. Pie.

    And yes, Pie for Finkelstein is a fine idea- its not an attack- he says so himself on his website. Its constitutionally protected free speech.
    Oh, but if those big bad zionists do it to him, wanna bet it will be a "ruthless Zionist atrocity meant to muzzle criticism of Israel"?

    Call me....
    Max Ramrod

  • At 8:29 AM, Blogger LanceThruster said…

    Dr. Finkelstein would put any such attack in context. He knows what the Palestinians go through on a daily basis. Even many in the IDF are bringing the painful truth of the treatment of Palestinians in the occupied territories to light with their "Breaking the Silence" campaign.

    Peaceful protesters are brutalized quite regularly in Israel. A pie would be a welcome change of pace.

  • At 9:37 AM, Anonymous pruriently amphibious said…

    Is "Wanda Beever" taken?

  • At 9:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Lance: "He knows what the Palestinians go through on a daily basis"

    Yes. So do we. The concentration camp like horrors of the toy markets. The candy stores. The brokerages.

    And thats just Gaza...
    Don't get me started on the McMansions of the West Bank. Yes. I was just there.

    Maxwell Tool

  • At 10:06 AM, Blogger LanceThruster said…

    Mr. Tool - It's good that you at least have freedom of movement. Palestinian honor students with scholarships are kept from attending institutions of higher education abroad. If Jews were subjected to similar treatement, the hue and cry would be deafening.

  • At 10:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    " Palestinian honor students with scholarships are kept from attending institutions of higher education."

    The discrimination against Palestinians is wide spread throughout the Arab world.

    Do you know the story of story of Shaymaa Samir? Why do the Saudis treat a native born this way?

    Shaymaa Samir Qudeih is a brilliant student attending school in Saudi Arabia. She has received top honors from her high school in Jeddah, and she ranked eighth in all of Saudi Arabia in her science exam, gaining a score of 99.76%. Her dream was to go to the King Abdulaziz University medical school in Jeddah to become a doctor.

    But she was rejected - because she is considered a "Palestinian."

    Her father, Samir Hassan Qudeih, is a geology engineer who has lived in Saudi Arabia for 42 years. Shaymaa was born and raised in Saudi Arabia. As a devoted Muslim, Samir does not want to send Shaymaa abroad to study, preferring that she go to the local university where she can stay with her family.

    The university has other ideas, as it restricts the acceptance of "foreign" students.

    Here we again see that a great number of Arabs of Palestinian descent are stateless and discriminated against because of the bigoted and institutionalized discrimination that they face, not from Israel, but from their host Arab countries. Not only are these descendants of PalArabs born in practically every Arab country fated to be stateless, but so are their children and grandchildren, forever.

    And the reason is because the Arab world would prefer that the Palestinian Arab problem remain festering forever. Kuwaitis and Egyptians can become naturalized Saudi citizens, but Palestinian Arabs cannot.

    The Arabs hate Israel far more than they love their brother - and sister - Arabs.

    As Ghandi said, in a different context, " Why should they not, like other peoples of the earth, make that country their home where they are born and where they earn their livelihood? ". And why won't their brothers let them?

    Felice Goodhead

  • At 10:28 AM, Blogger The back of the hill said…

    And, just to throw "peacefull Protest" by the Palestinian side into perspective...

    June 1, 2001: Dolphinarium in Tel Aviv, 21 killed - mostly new-immigrant teenagers from the former Soviet Union.
    Aug. 9, 2001: Sbarro's Pizzeria in Jerusalem, 15 killed, including the parents and three children of the Schijveschuurder family.
    Dec. 2, 2001: Haifa bus, 15 killed.
    March 27, 2002: Park Hotel in the midst of the Passover Seder, 30 killed, including six husband-and-wife couples.
    March 31, 2002: Matza Restaurant in Haifa, 15 killed, including two sets of a father and two children.
    May 7, 2002: Rishon Letzion hall, 16 killed.
    June 18, 2002: #32 bus from Gilo, Jerusalem, 19 killed.
    March 5, 2003: #37 bus in Haifa, 15 killed.
    June 11, 2003: #14 bus, Jerusalem, 17 killed.
    Aug. 19, 2003: #2 bus from Western Wall, 23 killed, including a mother and baby; father and son; and four other children.

    Judging by the fact that put-near the entire damn' world at that time condemned the justifiable elimination of the monster Sheikh Yassin (the Peacefull Palestinian who lovingly commanded those acts to be perpetrated), I can only assume that the world is either kissing arse bigtime with the treacherous dictatorships of the mid-east for business purposes (that would be the Europeans), or has only one solution in mind for the pesky problem of Israel (and why don't the hypocritical bastards come right out and say it?).

    I still exult over the extermination of that human cockroach, and still fervently hope that his death will be followed by the swift and violent demise of many more members of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, El Aqsa, Hezbollah, and most of the Palestinian leadership.

    With loving regard for humanity,

  • At 11:08 AM, Anonymous Abdillah said…

    I have seen the ambivalent attitude many Arabs have towards Palestinians. Let me tell you one thing: it stinks. In Lebanon that houses the largest Palestinian refugee populations, they have no rights whatsoever. They live in appalling conditions.

    A number of my friends speak bitterly of their treatment by their fellow Arabs. One lost everything he owned in the aftermath of the liberation of Kuwait. Another damns all other Arabs as hypocrites and thieves.

  • At 11:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Grant - Your *expertise* in what constitutes 'terrorism' is pretty lacking if it does not include some of the region's originators of terrorist attacks.

    Attacks by the Irgun and Stern Gang

    I would say rather that the British, in their reprisals against Jews and clear favouritism for the Arabs, showed themselves far more the terrorists - besides which, the Revisionist groupings were then, and have been more so since, absolute minorities among the Zionists.

    But this underlies the modern western objection to Zionism, doesn't it? You lot are still smarting about the fact that the damned Jews fought back! Quelle chutzpah! You've already forgiven the Arabs nearly all their attrocities, after all, they have oil, and you guys love buggery. How very intellectual and effete. And as for the Indians and the Pakistanis, it brings a warm tingle to your hearts to know that nearly twenty million dead in the violence of partition - proof positive that the wogs can't do without your balanced and benevolent administration.

    But the Jews... Oh dear. They dared make a state out of a wilderness, they did so without acknowledging your Anglo-Yank intellectual superiority (and they still refuse to drop their heathendom in favour of a half-hearted overly snotty 'were-so-clever' approach to Christianity and Roman ideals), and, more balsy than the Arabs, they actually defend themselves against attempts to wipe them out.

    You would be so much more happy if they were victims, still, wouldn't you, mister Lawrence?

  • At 11:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    The Arabs, by the way, have committed any number of attrocities against their own people in the intervening sixty years, and what do you say to that?

    Nearly seven million dead in Arab on Arab warfare....

    Boys will be boys, eh, mister Lawrence?

    ---Grant Patel

    PS. Also author of immediately preceding comment. But you may have been able to figure that out already - if not, it would've come to you eventually. After all, you are a smart white man.

  • At 11:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    And what did that stellar champion of the Palestinain cause, Hafez Assad, do to his own people? Hama? Twenty thousand dead?

    But that is okay, because after all, it's only darkies smacking down other darkies. Just like the Sudanese Janjawids do to the blacks..... if only the Saudis would be allowed to enslave them again, the world would be perfect, wouldn't it now?

    Mera laura chhoos, gaura leftie.

    ---Grant Patel

  • At 11:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    And I say all this with lots of love. As is fitting for an heir to Gandhi. Whom all of yuou white ultra-liberal sods worship.

    YEs. How nice that the wogs fought against you with peace and pacifist kindeness. It proves to you that minorities should be either obedient, like the medieval Jew, or quiet, like the abused women of the Arab world. Not feisty, not balsy, like the modern Israeli, not violent, like the black muslims.

    Only nice white people may be violent.

    Two world wars prove that.

    ---Grant Patel

  • At 11:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    What is it with you anglophiliacs and your worship of the Arab penis? Is it an intellectual version of Levitra? Or just an innate desire to be ramrodded hard by a real man?

    Well, were I like you, I would offer to bugger you and the camel you rode in on. But I do not veer towards that, and I suspect it still would not satisfy you big racist honky asses and your love-complex for brutes. You need a good whipping. It might cure you. Or satisfy you for a while.

    No wonder the phrase "screw the bollocky Arabs" is so hard for you to think - you would rather they did the screwing. Isn't that right, mister Lawrence.

    A good fierce prodding by a "nobel savage". Pathetic. No wonder we're taking over. You lot have lost all spunk.

    ---Grant Patel

  • At 11:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Seven hundred dead Pallies are worse for intellectual hard-ons than half a million dead darkies in the Sudan. You've gone all limp.

    ---Grant Patel

  • At 12:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    And again, I say this with Ghandhi-like love and pacifism, because I worship you superior beings. Truly, bleeding-heart white men who follow in the footsteps of Martin Luther King will be the salvation of the world.

    ---Grant Patel

  • At 12:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I am just so buggery sorry I am not like you. Then I too could feel the Arabs.

    I mean, feel FOR the Arabs.

    Nice hairy Arabs, with those dark dark eyes, and butch butch noses.

    I wilt, and exude hot curry into my dhoti at the thought.

    ---Grant Patel

  • At 12:44 PM, Blogger The back of the hill said…

    For crapsake, Grant, keep it clean! There is no need to speculate on who wishes to hump or be humped by whom, especially not with usage of the actual terminology for the parts that will be used in the humping.

    And yes, I acknowledge the meshune tendency by many white ultra-libs to have brown rape fantasies - probably makes up for their guilt over objectifying third-worlders. In that regard, it is a deliberate rejection of the white male yearning for an obedient Asian mistress or cherry blossom, and probably also a reaction to the 'native concubine' phenomenon of old-style imperialists.

    Makes you wonder how many Europeans wish to be sexually brutalized by blondes, I guess. Jackboots and keffiyehs - the modern hip intellectual fetish.

    But anyhow, stop mentioning anglo sexual fantasies, or liberal feelings of inadequacy when not on the receiving end of the first world - third world dynamic. Some of us have delicate ears, and are perfectly happy with normal balanced relationships. No four letter assaults, please.

  • At 12:44 PM, Blogger The back of the hill said…

    And what you did in your dhoti is your own business.

  • At 9:50 PM, Blogger Spiros said…

    Grant "Dhoti Rant" Patel?

  • At 2:03 AM, Blogger Spiros said…

    "Maxwell Tool", "Felice Goodhead", "Wanda Beever", "Max Ramrod", "Lance Thruster": will some kind hearted aficionado of porn please tell the class if any of these porn names are in currency? Lev, Mr. Patel, anybody? I know that Pussy Galore featured in a Bond novel.
    Also, I really don't need to know what is going on in Patel sahib's dhoti. Please. Very much. Not.

  • At 4:45 PM, Blogger The back of the hill said…

    A dirty dhoti.

  • At 4:47 PM, Anonymous Rascally Robin said…

    Should one pie the Finkywinky with a dirty dhoti? One is tempted, one is.

    Lift it at the end of stick, then flick it forward over the heads of the pro-Palestinian cottonwools in the front row.

    Lawzy, one is tempted. Holy cow pie, Batman, one is sorely tempted.

  • At 10:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Cow pie!!!!
    Thats perfect for Norman !!!!

    Thanks, RR!!!!


  • At 12:50 PM, Anonymous Koosjer Kaas said…

    Dr. Finkelstein is a truth-teller.

    Contra principia negantem disputari non potest ("Men kan niet redeneren met iemand die beginselen ontkent").

  • At 9:17 PM, Anonymous Pontius Pilate said…

    I have a gweat fwiend in Wome named Biggus Dickus; he commands cwack Legions.

  • At 9:19 PM, Anonymous Lily Van Schtup, the Teutonic Tit-willow said…

    It's twoo! It's twoo!!

  • At 8:20 AM, Blogger LanceThruster said…

    Koosjer Kaas said…

    Dr. Finkelstein is a truth-teller.

    ("Men kan niet redeneren met iemand die beginselen ontkent").


    All I can get from Google translate is this:

    ("Men can not talk with the iemand begin ontkent selenium.")

    Care to provide the English version?

  • At 9:45 AM, Blogger The back of the hill said…

    "Contra principia negantem disputari non potest" = Against the denier of the basic concepts, one cannot argue. Meaning that unless certain ideas are accepted ab initio, dispute is pointless. One the other hand, ultra posse nemo obligatur (beyond their ability, no-one has obligation) - if it is impossible for someone to conceive of certain ideas, one should not expect worthwhile discourse from them.

    I suspect Koosjer Kaas comes from an academic environment in the Netherlands. Or leastways attended a gymnasium or atheneum.

    Koosjer Kaas, by the way, means 'kosher cheese'. Probably a Judaic Dutchman, or a pro-Israel Dutchman. Not someone from Wisconsin.

  • At 10:28 AM, Blogger LanceThruster said…

    Thank you for that. And the concept works in both directions. Many who promote/support/make excuses for Zionist abuses cannot bring themselves to admit that Israel can do any wrong.

    It is why the bulk of attacks against Dr. Finkelstein are ad hominem and not substanative.

  • At 11:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    The problem is that both Finkelstein and his supporters neither cleave to the truth, nor avoid vicious ad hominems. Finkelstein, like Chomsky, engages in debate with respected scholars not to uncover facts but to rip open wounds. The man vends spurious half-truth, whole falsehood, and does so in a venomous manner.

    One can honestly say that Finkelstein is an enemy of Israel, and a friend of Hezbollah, Hamas, the PLO factions, Syria, and Iran. Does he accept any principles common to those whom he attacks? Does he even in any way pretend to neutrality? Or does he merely bite, and rhetorical re-course his sainted mom? Who, it appears, he trots out of the closet anytime anyone dares to suggest he should not speak of certain matters.

    The man is a liar, and an intellectual whore. And his defenders are pimps and panderers, and altogether unspeakable.

    Truth and Finkelstein do not belong in the same sentence.

    ---Grant Patel

  • At 12:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    But Finkelstein sets himself up so beautifully for ad hominems.

    After all, he admits he is fixated on his mother (oh, gee), and he admits he went into a deep funk when the soviet union fell (3 weeks- no eating and sleeping, poor baby)

    How can you NOT make fun of this guy?

  • At 12:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    And please note - the above is both clean, and not ad hominem. There is no mention of Arab penisses, or leftie gaura provclivities. I am pretending that there is nothing sexual about the white man's love for Palestinians, nor am I mentioning the obvious antisemitism that poluutes the common pro-pally discourse. I am treating the pro-palestinian side as if they were in any way equals, and capable no matter how absurd the thought, of rational discussion.

    Rather than rabid self-hating artistic types and large lonely women.

    ---Grant Patel

  • At 10:29 AM, Anonymous LANCE BREAKER said…

    Finkelstein asserts that any discussion of the holocaust is only to extort money and influence policy, primarily to excuse alleged Israeli crimes. He further asserts that Jews only became interested in the holocaust after 1967, when Israel, in his eyes, became a criminal state. He further pooh-poohs any idea that the holocaust is in anyway unique, claiming that it was neither unusual in scope nor peculiar to anti-Semitism. In furtherance of that view, he has deliberately insulted and bagatellized the experiences of anybody and almost everybody who does not share his viewpoint, calling Eli Wiesel the “resident clown of the Holocaust circus” , and referring to Allan Dershowitz as a “hoodlum from Harvard.”

    He is no more honest or ethical when it comes to Israel and Zionism - his public speaking is often naught more than relentless promotion of Palestinian propaganda and the factual distortions current on the pro-Palestinian side, coupled with long harangues damning Israel and the United States, the Zionists, and "wealthy Jewish elites" - that last, by the way, is a phrase that resonates among not only the Arabs and Persians, but also among Marxist Leninists, the European left, and neo-Nazis.

    While he excoriates writings any mention of the Holocaust when defending Israel, Zionists, or American policy, he has by no means shied away from exploiting that event for his own purposes, not neglecting to detail his mother's experiences in that regard, and likening Israel and its supporters to Nazis.

    Remarkably, he finds no fault at all with Hezbollah, or any of the predominantly pro-Palestinian organizations that support it - nor with the supporters of other extremist groups like Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, and diverse more.

  • At 10:30 AM, Anonymous LANCE BUSTER said…

    Statements by Finkelstein:

    "Israel started the 1967 and 1973 wars."

    "Nowadays people are not Zionist by conviction, they are Zionist because it is useful for their political and more recently financial self-interest. The guiding light is what serves their self-interest"

    "To crush the Palestinians' goal of an independent state alongside Israel - the PLO's "peace offensive - Israel laid plans in August 1981 to invade Lebanon."

    "I was of course happy to meet the Hezbollah people, because it is a point of view that is rarely heard in the United States. I have no problem saying that I do want to express solidarity with them"

    "I did make a point of publicly honoring the heroic resistance of Hezbollah to foreign occupation. Why not?"

    Need I point out the US government has (rightly) categorized Hezbollah as a terrorist organization? And that in fact the heroes of Hezbollah supported Syria in its brutal occupation of Lebanon? That they are implicated in many of the worst terrorist acts (assassinations, bombings, kidnappings, rape-torture-murder) of the Syrian secret services during the generation-long Syrian occupation? Besides engaging in a multitude of criminal and violent acts on their own?

    I suppose I should also mention the Marines blown up by Hezbollah in Beirut - but, to a partisan of Finkelstein, they were undoubtedly criminals who deserved what befell them, and their families also no doubt deserved to have their sons come home in body bags. I suspect that LanceThruster has no way of relating to the victims.

  • At 10:58 AM, Anonymous Een echte Amsterdammer said…

    Ja, die schoft Finkelstein is ook erg populair hier - vooral onder de lezers van De Groene Amsterdammer, en mensen die sp stemmen. Het jammere is dat er niet veel zijn die zijn leugens en overdrijvingen tegenspreken. Nederland is nu eenmaal niet bijster op de hoogte, en zeker niet geneigd of Israel, of de VS, te steunen.

    Je moet weten, sedert de zeventiger jaren is Nederland echt niet Nederland meer.

  • At 11:11 AM, Anonymous KLAUWAERD said…

    Men kan niet redeneren met een man als Finkelstein, die zichzelf van 'suppressio veri et suggestio falsii' schuldig heeft gemaakt.

  • At 11:18 AM, Blogger LanceThruster said…

    Need I point out the US government has (rightly) categorized Hezbollah as a terrorist organization?


    In fact, the US governemnt has itself become a terrorist organization so I'm not much swayed by their "recommendations."

  • At 11:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    So, mister Thruster, you find it right that 240 marines were blown sky-high by Hezbollah?

    It would appear that like Finkelstein, you do not care who you jump into bed with, as long as they are enemies of the United States.

    A mere ethically crippled and despicable approach would be hard to imagine. Likely you would support the Pakistanis if they nuked India, AS LONG AS THE US DISAPPROVED.

    You, Finkelstein, and that jibbering monkey Chomsky, appear to have no problem with the most reprehensible criminals AS LONG AS THEY ARE NOT ON THE SAME SIDE AS YOUR GOVERNMENT.

    You will of course, like any good quasi-intellectual, make exceptions for seccesionists and fundamentalists - you probably despise them more than the government, even though they resist the state, because they do not accord with your neat pigeon-holing, your "righteous opposition" to everything with the taste of imperialism.

    How many poor third-world peasants have YOU saved, mister Thruster? How many revolutionary organizations do you belong to? Do you wear that keffiyeh with pride?

    Spare me your guilt hard-on over your own membership in western society, mister Thruster, people like you would sell your own mothers. Especially if it got you praise form either fakers.

    How come you even use a computer? Don't you know that those things only function because of Israeli engineering and American enterprise - and that the manufacture, and eventual disposal, pollute huge parts of the third world?

    There are children being born with incurable diseases in Bombay and Manila because of your computer use.

    Again, you bollocky hypocrite, remember the 240 marines. Who were murdered with your approval, and whose deaths you applaud.

    Hezbollah using civilians as shileds, of course also meets with your approval. After all, they were only little non-caucasian civilians, a dinar a dozen, not part of your elitist ivory tower circles, not consumers of your green-approved third-world solidarity rags and bags, and manifestly NOT drinkers of fair-trade coffee, OR eaters of organically produced tofu.

    ---Grant Patel

  • At 12:36 PM, Blogger The back of the hill said…

    Grant old man, you seem to be taking Lance Thruster's misguidedness personally - bad experience in Berkeley?
    Look, no problems arguing with him, but he ain't the belligerent bozo on the next bar stool, and there is no point in waiting for him to topple over so that you can kick him in the kidneys. It ain't gonna happen. So please, stop trying to get him to foam at the mouth and jump up and down, and cease the ad hominems. Though sneering at his evident support for murderers (Hezbollah) and his emotional dependence on liars (Finkelstein) is perfectly cricket.

    Perhaps you and he could find some points of agreement underneath other posts? I've written several things since proposing ponim-pie for doctor finch-stone, but those items are not getting nearly enough attention, and are feeling hurt and neglected in consequence.

    Among other things: chicken in a mild coconut broth, Japanese manga heroines, headhunting and longhouse culture, Donald Rumsfeld's creative use of speech, minty shampoo - - surely both of you fine textualists have something unique to contribute in those rareas?

    This blog is not entirely about scum such as Finkelstein, I am not a stalker - even though I do know where many of the professional Israel haters in the Bay Area can be found, even when they think they're unobserved - yes, Marsha, Regan, Joe, Kinny, P & L, and Jim, that "just might" mean you - but you wont know until you find out, will you?

    So please, both of you, read some other posts - you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll find a new love. And who knows, you might find your muse and be inspired.

  • At 1:48 PM, Blogger LanceThruster said…

    Israeli Foreknowledge of the Bombing of US Marines In Beirut, 1983

    November 3, 1982 ...I reported that the Marines had been sent there to become the focus of a major incident. The Mossad is to arrange for a number of our Marines to be killed in an incident that will be blamed on the Arabs! This will be used to inflame American public opinion to help lead us into war, including ultimately nuclear war.

    Extract from 'By Way of Deception', Ostrovsky, Victor and Hoy, Claire, St.Martin's Press, 1990

  • At 2:14 PM, Blogger The back of the hill said…

    I am surprised (though I guess I should not be) that you quote from that book by that charlatan.

    You do know that Ostrovksy not only fabricated material but exaggerated his own role, do you not? He has repeatedly been proven to be unreliable in his assertions, fanciful in his explanations, and given to great leaps of imagination. I enjoyed the book immensely, but it does not say anything well, anything new, or anything that can be taken for unalloyed fact.

    Ostrovsky is filled with hatred for the Mossad because he was expelled from the agency before the end of his training. It is doubtfull that he could have known even a fraction of the secrets he claims to expose.

    On the other hand, he has also consistently attempted to demonstrate support for Israel, and a measure of loyalty to his former associates - it is probable that he did not, cannot, will not ever tell the whole truth about what he does actually know, and there is even a well-reported suspicion that he is still connected somewhere and somehow. Even the known enemies of Israel and the US stay away from him. How reliable could such a source be?

    The assertion that it was not Hezbollah that bombed the barracks is contradicted by Hezbollah itself - they have always boasted of it, and all tracks lead to them - even in so paranoid and devious an environment as war-time Beirut, all factions (no strangers to plotting and bloodshed) acknowledged the clear role that Hezbollah played in that event, the cleverness of the attack, and the splendid success that it was for Hezbollah. Nasrallah admitted it, at the time and later. Hezbollah’s Imad Mugniyeh is known to have been the man responsible - and it was because of it that he remained in hiding until whacked by the Syrians. The bombing was paid for by the Iranians - also, remarkably, no stranger to such tactics. That attack put Hezbollah on the map, and made them a recognized player. It is fundamental to their subsequent rise, and their involvements in Syrian subterfuge even today, and underlies the support they have received for years from Teheran.

  • At 2:19 PM, Blogger The back of the hill said…

    I normally do not review books, especially not books that belong in the same dustbin as the Protocols, or Peace not Apartheid, but unlike both of those books, Ostrovsky's fanciful work of fiction was a darned good read. Reminds me very much of Tom Clancy and others of that ilk.

    But regarding its chosen subject, it is not nearly as instructive as some of the US Army publications, nor as carefully detailed as the reports on foreign spy-agencies circulated by police agencies. Many of which are available on the internet - perhaps Ostrovsky could have done his research better, and thus put together a more convincing imago for himself.

  • At 2:24 PM, Blogger The back of the hill said…

    Next thing I know you'll be quoting Tutu.

    Don't bother. He has made his entire career out of telling guilt-ridden Anglo liberals exactly what they want to hear, and was in fact promoted through the church exactly by that reason and for that purpose. He is too old to find a different gambit, and like many South Africans he has wrapped himself around to baggage of apartheid so well that he seems a perverse reflection of it. Couple that with the traditional dislike of Jews, endemic in both the church and the British world, and presto: Tutu.

    Besides, his support of so false an organization as Sabeel discredits him more than his pandering ever could.

  • At 2:32 PM, Blogger The back of the hill said…

    Oh, and don't bother quoting Dries van Agt or Gretta Duisenberg - I have already read everything that those verkrampte Dutch anti-Semites have to say. They are not original (except to an audience of English speakers who have not been exposed to the venomous and twisted bigorty underneath the surface of Dutch polite society), and their bias is clear to any one who speaks Dutch. Dries van Agt in particular comes from a class and a social background that did not stop blaming the Jews for the killing of Christ until the seventies - from a more rigid and ideologically confined part of that class than even the majority of Dutch Catholics. That segment of society, thank God, has little impact - except for its much applauded anti-Semitism, which is much appreciated by many contemporary Dutch. They're finally getting over their WWII guilt. By devolving back.

  • At 2:59 PM, Anonymous Ariel Scheinermann? Mebbe. Mebbe not. said…

    Many who promote/support/make excuses for Palestinian abuses cannot bring themselves to admit that Israel can do any right.

    It is why the bulk of attacks against Israeli politicians are ad hominem and not substanative.

  • At 3:07 PM, Anonymous Itzik said…

    Re: Ostrovsky: On the other hand, he has also consistently attempted to demonstrate support for Israel, and a measure of loyalty to his former associates

    What is the possibility that he is playing dual roles? In other words, pretending one thing to one side, something else to the other side? He sounds like he may be working for someone. Or have an agenda.

    Is this a man with issues? Is he reliable?

  • At 7:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Global warming? Blame Mossad. Hurricane Katrina? Mossad. The Tsunami? Mossad. Libyian children with AIDS? Apparently, also Mossad.
    Remember this, a few years back?

    SOFIA, Bulgaria - In 1998, at a time when her country was mired in hyperinflation, Valya Chervenyashka left her rural Bulgarian village and went to work as a nurse in Benghazi, Libya, for $250 a month, to pay for her daughters' college educations.

    Today, Ms. Chervenyashka and four other Bulgarian nurses, as well as a Palestinian doctor whose family moved to Libya in 1967, are under death sentence in a Libyan jail and could face a firing squad. They are accused of intentionally infecting more than 400 hospitalized Libyan children with the AIDS virus, in order, according to the initial indictment, to undermine Libyan state security.

    They were also charged with working for Mossad, the Israeli intelligence service.

    "Nurses from little towns in Bulgaria acting as agents of Mossad?" said Antoanetta Ouzounova, 28, one of Ms. Chervenyashka's two daughters. "It all sounds funny and absurd until you realize your mother could die for it." Although the motive of subversion has been dropped, the death sentence stands. The Libyan Supreme Court is to hear the nurses' final appeal on Nov. 15.


    The Mossad charge, btw is just another version of the classic Antisemitic canard about the Jewish cadre that controls....everything.....

    Dang. If we all powerful Jews control EVERYTHING, then I want a new car. Now.
    I'm waiting

  • At 8:31 AM, Blogger LanceThruster said…

    Arab/Muslim abuses cited do not negate Israeli abuses. Everyone referencing Israeli abuses is not an anti-Semite. The canard that any observation of Israeli/Zionist/Jewish complicity is biased and/or anti-Semitic is straight out of the Hasbara propaganda manual. Mossad is quite proud of their false flag attacks though it's generally only the failures that come to light.

    By way of deception...

  • At 9:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    "Everyone referencing Israeli abuses is not an anti-Semite."

    Of course not. Sometimes they are just aiders and abettors of anti-Semitism, or fellow travellers of anti-semites.
    See Sharansky's 3 D's:

    "The questions and conflicts are natural and OK. Only when it crosses over into what is becoming the new anti-Semitism is it not OK. Criticism within the democratic state of Israel is fine and encouraged. What he looks for is to see when the old canards of the anti-Semites begin to be used against Israel. His basic test is the "3-D" principle. The D's being: Demonization - the TV productions showing Israelis making matzo from Christian blood, the relating of modern Israel with a Nazi state and comparing the status of refugee camps to modern Auschwitz, meaning you either don't know what Auschwitz was or you know very well but want to demonize Israel, when the best cartoon in England is Sharon eating a Palestinian baby with blood dripping from his mouth, or the top cartoon in Italy shows a young baby Jesus with the caption "Oh, so you want to crucify me again?" - this is classical demonization of Israel and that represents the modern anti-Semitism and he sees it on many campuses: The second is the Double-Standard - The use of one standard for all others, and another for Jews. It's possible to do the same to Israel, such as the abuse of the Geneva Convention and Israel bizarrely being the only country in the past 50 years to be condemned for its treatment of prisoners under it, or the fact that Israel's Red Star of David (their Red Cross) is the only group excluded from the International Committee of the Red Cross because it's said their presence would insult other members, or the fact that Israel is condemned internationally more than all the dictatorships of the world put together means that Israel is measured by a different yardstick. These are double-standards and they mean anti-Semitism. The third D is Delegitimization - that Israel has no right to exist and that it's the last colony and must be destroyed. That is anti-Semtism. In the past it was delegitimization of Jews as a people, today it manifests itself as delegitimization of the right of Israel to exist as a state. It's all over the campuses."

    Rusty Tool

  • At 10:25 AM, Blogger The back of the hill said…

    Arab/Muslim abuses cited do not negate Israeli abuses.

    This alas is true. No matter the massacres committed by Arab dictators, the assassinations of rivals and inconvenient people, the imprisonment of dissidents and 'enemies' of the regime, the brutal treatment of women, children, minorities, and guest workers - all this is in the eyes of the world as nothing when compared to a poor little Palestinian eighteenyearold with a lump on his head. The world blithely ignores the worst excesses of Arab society, the worst human rights abuses of Arab states, and the most violent acts committed in the name of Palestinism, Arabism, or Islam - but goes into conniptions when there's a Jewish connection. See, see, those horrible Jews! Waaaah!

    No one is claiming that Israel does not make mistakes, and that there aren't acts from the Israeli side which are open to criticism or condemnation. But nearly no one pays much heed to Arab mistakes, or bothers overtly criticizing Arab acts, or utter strong words of condemnation. Even the European and American left take for granted that Arabs and especially Palestinians should not be held to as high a standard - seemingly not to any standard. All is forgiven - they are poor thirdworlders fighting imperialism; all they want to do is herd goats and sing spiritual songs, and remain in touch with their roots and the precious spirits of the earth and nature.

    Sorry, they aren't innocent little aboriginals - they are largely urbanite interlopers from Syria and Egypt, who flowed in at the same time as the returning Jews. Some of them are Greeks, Circassians, Turks, and Albanians. And a few are even Bosnians. And yes, most of them are Arabs. With more relatives among the clans and tribes of Syria, Jordan, Iraq, and even the Hadramaut than in the West-Bank and Gaza, and more close kin living in the camps established by their brother Arabs to keep them from ever integrating into the societies whose language is a mother tongue to them, whose people are often cousins, and whose neighbors they have been for sixty one years.

  • At 10:27 AM, Blogger The back of the hill said…

    Everyone referencing Israeli abuses is not an anti-Semite.

    This is the classic defense of racists in the deep-south: I am only telling it like it is, everybody knows this, no one wants to admit it, some of my best friends. When anti-Semites do this, they always claim that "everyone referencing Israeli abuses is not an anti-Semite". So much so that the claim itself is bogus, and tainted by overwhelming association with anti-Semitism. Or, in a number of cases, by self-hate.

    In the first case, it is the Russian revolutionary gambit - 'we are righteous, and therefore we can say these things and you should believe us when we speak - even if by we encourage bigotry, and even if the main reason we do so is to stir up violence against the enemies of the cause - even our whopping lies should be seen as sanctified by our righteousness'. And as such it is swallowed by all who, for whatever reason, would deligitimize Israel. It lets them cloak themselves in the warm cover of 'righteousness'.

    In the second case, it is both Jews and holocaust-guilt-ridden Europeans who engage in it.

    By doing so, the self-hating Jews distance themselves, deliberately, from the parents they hate, from the religion they do not know, from the kinfolk they reject, and from an ethnic history that they feel sets them outside and prevents them from being just like their associates. It is a way of saying 'see, I am just like you - I have rubbished the one thing that made me unacceptable'. It is the one gambit open to people too ignorant to argue with their own culture.

    For holocaust-guilt-ridden Euries, it is no more than a method to divest themselves of the bad baggage of their own history. It allows them to suggest that their people were not so bad, maybe even had justification, because after all, The Jew is just as bad. Nay, The Jew is so much worse - because Europe has done penance and made restitution, whereas The Jew is evilly, daemonically, exploiting the past, and drawing blood from those poor poor natives, and sucking money out of the non-Jewish nations, and manipulating the chancelleries of the Western World, and......

    Bigoted bullshit, in other words.

  • At 10:28 AM, Blogger The back of the hill said…

    The canard that any observation of Israeli/Zionist/Jewish complicity is biased and/or anti-Semitic is straight out of the Hasbara propaganda manual.

    Where can I get a copy?

  • At 10:28 AM, Blogger The back of the hill said…

    Mossad is quite proud of their false flag attacks though it's generally only the failures that come to light.

    Sounds like the CheKa, the Sicherheitsdienst, the Deuxieme Bureau, M16, the BVD, and the CIA. What exactly are you saying? In what way are you imparting anything either new or significant to the discourse by stating this? Even ISI is proud of whatever successes they've had, and their failures also come to light.

    Our local police department is no different. Proud of their successes. Perhaps embarrassed by Fajita-gate. Nu?

  • At 10:41 AM, Blogger The back of the hill said…

    Arab/Muslim abuses cited do not negate Israeli abuses.

    Israeli abuses do not negate Arab/Muslim abuses.

    Except that, apparently, they do.

    Because all is justified, is it not? If a Jew spits, it excuses an Arab committing murder. If a Jew frowns, it justifies any amount of Israel-bashing. If a Jew fights back, in any way at all, it inspires the masses to scream about those horrid, horrid Israelis, and how dare those Jews.

    Mean Jews - yes, this does indeed justify kidnapping, rape, murder, bomb belts, blown-up buses, angry mobs burning flags and throwing bricks, and hysteria in Berkeley.

    It also justifies faux-intellectuals like Chomsky and Finkelstein proving that at least they aren't like those bad bad Jews. For the umpteenth time. Because they are good and right, and very very beyond any form of tribalist ideology.

    Israeli abuses even negate European attitudes. If the Jew is being naughty, then one no longer need feel quite so bad about what grandpa did on the Eastern Front, or about aunt Agatha turning in her Jewish neighbors so she could sell their furniture. It's all good.

  • At 1:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Say, does anyone remember Daniel Pearl? I'm sure that the Paki bastards what did him in did not nuance so carefully - they held him responsible for everything Jews, Israel, and the United States were accused of.

    It does not comfort me to know that I can travel to the Arab world, or Central Asia, or India and Pakibollockistan, and some mal-educated piece of shit, with the support of an American arm-chair revolutionary, will slit my throat because of something done by my country, or my officials.

    However, if bashing a representative of a nation is the approved of method of seeking justice for abuses by that nation, I will gladly firebomb the nearest buggery mosque. Can't stand Pakis, Pallies, Gulf-Arabs. Bollocks!

    ---Grant Patel

  • At 3:46 PM, Blogger LanceThruster said…

    Celebrating criminality

    In Israel, the murder of Palestinians and their mutilation is openly applauded at the highest levels. Is anyone in the West watching? asks Khalid Amayreh

    Salem Sarirat, 58, lives near the Gaza Strip-Israel border. He says that he was herding sheep in the pasture by his house when he heard military vehicles nearby. He rushed home and watched what happened from his window, seeing Rimonim soldiers take two young Palestinian men out of one of the vehicles and tie them to a tree. Then a soldier Sarirat claims was Dagan approached them with a knife in his hand. He sank it into one of the youth’s necks as he screamed and then violently jerked it in all directions until his head was cut off. Then he did the same thing to the other boy.

    Ben Aluf and Ben Kasbit agree that Dagan won the award for boldness in his achievements as commander of the Rimonim unit. Gideon says that no one else has headed Mossad who committed atrocities, crimes, and bloodletting like Dagan.

  • At 4:24 PM, Blogger The back of the hill said…

    Indeed, that does sound thoroughly atrocious. And inexcusable.

    It would have been far better if he had executed terrorists by stifling them with a pillow. I shall condemn the method whereby they were killed, but not their deaths.

    I would far rather be in a country that employed mr. Dagan, than a country which harboured Imad Moughniyeh. Or anywhere on the same side of the border as Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah.

    You seem to take delight in highlighting ill behaviour by Israel.
    Do you also lament over Arab atrocities?
    Or do you blandly gloss over them as the excusable excesses of a noble cause?
    I suspect the latter.
    Please demonstrate otherwise.

    You may start by discussing Hezbollah or Hamas - your choice. I expect you find something truly remarkable to condemn, as there is so much to choose from.

    [Do not think that it will make you seem safer or reliable, however - I have associated with enough pro-Palestinians to know that you cannot be trusted. Like Finkelstein, you would most likely whore out your mothers for your cause. Besides committing murder (Nick Berg, Danny Pearl, Ehud Goldwasser, Eldad Regev et altres) if it suited your purpose.]

  • At 12:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I note, in middle of naught, that the esteemed firebrand Joseph Anderson regards Finkelstein as an evil crypto-Zionist, stooge, and secret radical bait.

    I believe he has also suggested that mr. Finkelstain is a Mossad agent.

    Now more pie than ever!!!

    ---Grant Patel

  • At 9:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Two United States college graduates have been jailed for 30 days each for hitting a U.S. Senator in the face with a pie. The two, Ahlam Mohsen and Max Kantar, threw a pie in the face of Senator Carl Levin one year ago.

    The incident took place at a Michigan cafe, where Levin was meeting constituents.

    Mohsen and Kantar said they attacked Levin over his stance on U.S. foreign policy, particularly regarding wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and America's ties to Israel. Levin (D-Mich) chairs the Senate Armed Services Committee.

    Bizarrely, the two attacked Levin as he was listening to Kantar's reasons for opposing his positions.

    Mohsen said the two had not meant Levin any harm, and noted that they had taken care to remove the crust from the pie in order to avoid injuring the senator. Both she and Kantar pleaded guilty to charges of assault on a member of Congress.

    Mohsen's attorney described the pair as “good kids” who “expressed their political views in a misguided way.”

    The sentence was relatively light; sentencing guidelines recommend eight to twelve months in prison. In Mohsen and Kantar's case, however, probation officials recommended a noncustodial sentence.

  • At 9:43 AM, Blogger LanceThruster said…

    Most of the Congress should be charged with complicity in war crimes. They are also guilty of assault on the American people and in violation of their oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

    The bankers that brought the economy to its knees are living free and easy, but young adults speaking out politically using a pie in their symbolic gesture now have criminal records and will serve jail time.

    I feel so very much safer and more secure.


  • At 11:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Pie is good. There's nothing more all American than cow pie.


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