Tuesday, August 14, 2018


The two most interesting and non-depressing news items this morning are that Parisians are outraged at the new eco-friendly public urinals, and the Indian Patent Office has decided that sex toys are immoral and therefore not patentable or to be patented. This blogger supports all of them. Those new pissoirs make it look like a man is leaking into a streetcorner trash receptacle, and sex toys are the right of everybody.

Of course, further facts are relevant. Short men, little boys, and very tall men could have a problem with the pissoirs, as well as gentlemen whose urethra may take a while to relax, or who have enlarged prostates .....
Think about it, but please don't think about it.

Women, however, are S.O.L.

The new sex toy for which a patent was sought was invented by a Canadian company. Indians buy a huge number of sex toys. Which are far too often blatant rip-offs of other people's cunning inspirations.
And use sub-standard soft plastics.
Or shoddy construction.

My sympathies are quite frankly with all the short Parisian men.

My neighborhood positively abounds with sex toys.
There are also quite a few Indians.
Probably no connection.

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