Monday, August 13, 2018


Okay, this isn't going to work ..... She (my apartment mate) is watching Doctor Pimple Popper and cysts on television, and I am no longer even thinking of dinner. Which is for the best, as I have run out of the frozen dumplings. Perhaps a bite later. Something fried, at a nearby eatery where they have sports on teevee, and would not even think of putting the diseased skin on the tube.

I could go through the entire rest of my life, or at least another decade or longer, without ever seeing the ins and outs of cysts again.

According to Wikipedia there are a huge number of cysts. Nothing in that article needs to be quoted here. The list of cysts has clickable links coming out of the wazzoo, and not single one tempts me.
Normally I love clickable links.
Not this time.

Doctor Jim will probably drop by my work when I go back, and just so I can gross out some of the cigar smokers by discussing such matters with him, I'll need to bone up on cysts. I'll do that tomorrow, when I have no appetite. By the time my apartment mate finally gets over this fascination with puss, bumps, nodules, fluid filled sacs, and similar disgusting sh*t, I should be quite the expert.

File this under "things that can go wrong with your skin". I fervently hope that she does not develop a fascination with collapsed veins, meth sores, injection abscesses, or other dermiod nastiness. Or, if she does, that she limit her teevee time to hours when I am neither hungry nor home. If she wants to spend all day Saturday watching skin-crawling video, that's quite fine with me.

Provided she doesn't tell me all about it afterward.

She's sometimes Asperger enough for two people.
So that may be too much to hope for.


It's more than just Aspergers. Or queer scientific curiosity. It's probably also a female thing. An obsession with errm, beautification, skin, appearances, and solving what some women consider serious issues, but which most men don't even notice.

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