Sunday, August 26, 2018


After a nap from dinner till past midnight, I got up for a cigar in the kitchen, a glass of whisky, and short videos of ancient Chinese battles on youtube.
Everything from the Three Kingdoms to the Ming - Manchu dustup. Charge, oh baffling Madarin speakers! And for crapsakes speak Cantonese!

The cigar and whisky were okay. The battles were epic.

Yes, I could have gone to the neighborhood public house, and smoked my pipe outside while younger folks within whooped it up and got themselves semi-intoxicated, but I did not feel energetic enough. Saturday nights like that require more energy than a middle-aged doofus wants to expend.

And sometimes I just don't want to see people.

Besides, if I did that I would, during that time, not have access to Wikipedia and several dictionary sites. Which are far more interesting than beer-fuelled sports-ranting and sex-talk by beautiful children, or the delicious aroma of bacon-wrapped hot dogs grilling one or two blocks away.

No, I did not discover anything so immortal, life changing, or fascinating that I absolutely must share it, even if a large percentage of people who read this blog are rather like me in some ways. There is nothing that you cannot explore entirely on your own. All I need to say is that in addition to Chinese military achievements of the past, I also explored Thai cooking, the Battle of Texel, a few texts in mediaeval French, and briefly forayed into Italic dialects for no reason at all.

Plus I had a cup of coffee. Because when you wake up in the middle of the night, you surely need a refreshingly stimulating beverage to go with your fine Nicaraguan cigar.

There are, thank the lord, two doors separating my apartment mate in her room from my stogie by the open window in the kitchen. It's a blessing.
She will not notice the reek tomorrow morning.

[She had gone to bed early, surrounded by her teddy bear (Ms. Bruin), the giant penguin, and several monkeys and smaller creatures. All of them in that room disapprove of tobacco.
They are a bunch of constipated Protestants in that regard.]

Eric is working the counter this evening, so I may go out. Now that he's experimenting with cutting back on his alcohol consumption he is more likeable and alert. We could discuss some history.
In between smoking outside.

What this world needs is an outdoor internet cafe that serves small shots of whisky. And has space heaters at all four corners of the terrace or patio, and absolutely no rutting or game talk permitted.
That's what the street is for.

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