Saturday, August 25, 2018


A friend and reader tells me he really enjoys my saner content. Which is great praise, even if it was my regular rabid loopiness that prompted his remark. And, upon reflection, I realize that I do indeed have an interest in maintaining an image of sanity. Though that's largely for the benefit of friends, whom I wish should feel comfortable around me, and not regret their association.

So, to preserve what little social life I have, crazy behaviour will be limited to the second cup of coffee in the morning while I am in the bathroom.
I think I can manage that. I am not Trump.

Please rest assured that, except for the half hour or so when I'm in the crapper, I am one hundred percent sane. That's well over twenty three hours of sober rationality and common sense. Well yes, part of that time I might be asleep, but even under the worst circumstances that leaves at least fifteen hours of reasonable behaviour for your social pleasure.

Also, I do not associate with rock stars, druggies, punks, or slags.

If you are seen in public with me, your reputation will not suffer.

It is Saturday night now, but nobody will be seen with me unless I go out.
Which I might do later. Last smoke of the night and all that.

Even then I might spend much of the time by myself.
Quietly smoking my pipe, daydreaming.

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