Sunday, August 27, 2017


A few years ago I threatened to bully random females with Linzer Torte if my loneliness and depression over the relationship that failed did not lessen. Well, it was a dark time, and the idea of forcing sweet young things to eat cake despite their fear of delicious stuff (like Linzer Torte) was rather amusing to me. Comforting, even.

Cake pervert.

The good news is that I have indeed recovered. The bad news is that my drang to force sweet pastries such as for instance Linzer Torte upon women has not diminished. It is a traditional cake in central Europe.

One of these days I might really do it.

Imagine the headlines.


Linzer Torte is a baked shortcrust containment of raspberry or apricot jam, with nuts added to the dough, pastry lattice to cover, and sliced almonds strewn over all. As cakes go, of ancient provenance.

Cake is such a happy word.

The other day while eating lunch (三鮮燴飯 'saam sin wui faan') a young lady sat down two tables over and started shyly eating the slice of cake she had bought. One sensed that it was a treat she wasn't used to, by the near-clumsiness with which small forkfulls were managed. But delicious.


In an ideal world, ALL women between first teeth and mid-thirties of age would be familiar with cake. Even, dare one say it, Linzer Torte.

She really should have had a hot beverage with that.

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