Friday, July 07, 2017


It is a good thing that it's in Hamburg. The sudden brutal deaths of three men in particular would make it even better. Perhaps the Germans will show us how it's done.

You know who I mean.

And I am glad the G20 meeting is over there, not here. The Bay Area does not need any one of those three to visit. Ever. Least of all that Turk.

Every time a big name visits the city, it snarls up traffic for hours, days. The security precautions are a huge imposition, and none of those three personages merit the effort or expenditure.
I should mention that the top of Nob Hill is always on the big dick itinerary, and as I live four blocks away, the presence of so many people protecting the targets OR trying to get at them with violence in mind is a bit of a pain. And given that all three are crooks and utterly despicable, that would be insult and injury heaped on each other for this entire quadrant of the city.
All three have a history of loyal goons roughing up people -- Erdogan's visit to DC a few weeks ago saw Turkish thugs kicking the natives -- so, if they were to show up here, we would be fully justified in exercising our Second Amendment rights (as the NRA advises us to do in any case) and pre-emptively taking out dark-suited objectionables.

[As well as whatever slavish supporters showed up. Mental defectives from several backward states, plus Russians from the Richmond and Sunset. And Turks. Lots of Turks.]

The clean-up would take days.

The other thing is that we neither need nor want raggedy anarchists from Berkeley, Oakland, and Europe. They should all go to Disneyland instead, which I suggest would be a great venue for the G20 meeting in any case.

In all honesty, we don't mind Europeans so much. They take up less space than the Americans, many of whom are from grossly overfed parts of the US and wide as a frikkin' sidewalk. Please try to imagine what large numbers of rioting whales would be like. Rioting smelly whales. Repulsive!
Their thunderous waddling would destroy the pavement.
They'd crash into children and old people.
Heaving, sweating, and roaring.
Oh, the humanity!

Eat your vegetables and pass the ammo.

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