Monday, August 31, 2015


In a presidential election race marked by ever-increasing levels of extremist rhetoric, Wisconsin governor Scott Walker recently injected a note of sanity and common-sense long missing from the debate.
By supporting the idea of building a wall along the Canadian border to keep out illegals.

For far too long, Canadians have been swarming the country, anxious to flee the excellent social services and complete health care of the worlds' biggest socialist dictatorship, longing with panting eyes and drooling hearts for the laissez faire oppression and exploitation of our labour market, where thousands of dish-washing and produce-picking-under-brutal-conditions job opportunities await!

This, of course, deprives white American college grads of the degrading prospects that they justifiably consider their birthright.

If it weren't for over-educated Canadians competing for entry-level work in the food and beverage industry or renascent and thriving triangle shirtwaist sector, American high school seniors could look forward to a long happy life of near-penury, instead of being forced to consider college and ever-growing levels of crippling debt.

This is a rank injustice. We must build that wall.

The entire country deserves to be like Wisconsin.

Now, the issue of finding large numbers of skilled workers to build that wall is a potential problem. But fortunately there is a ready supply of hard-working gentlemen from just south of here, who already have experience with gruelling hours and harsh circumstance........

It's a priceless resource.

We are blessed.

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