Tuesday, November 18, 2014


After today's terror attack in a synagogue in Jerusalem, I scoured news sites. And inevitably ended up at The Guardian, which is Great Britain's premier news site, and often has comments about international affairs from its readers which prove educational.


Naturally the Brits were horrified.
That Jews should be considered victims.
In the British mind, Jews are always to blame.

Not ALL of them, mind you. There were some decent remarks. But the vast majority of writers there showed that today's Britain may very well be overpopulated by unintelligent, uneducated, uncivilized, and probably unwashed sadistic swine who should not be allowed out.


Follows a list of comments from fine upstanding Brits, reflecting the very finest of values, as only a nation so upstanding as Britain can do.

"I despise violence completely, yet cannot stop thinking where was President Obama and the chorus of international figures, singing the hymn of restraint, when Israel was killing innocent civilians in Gaza?"

"What makes you think he cares - they are not Israeli they are Palestinian."

"This oppression can not go on for ever. Perhaps the Palestinians & Arabs can one day work together, arm themselves adequately with modern weapons & counter the Israeli Military power."

"I'd love it if the Israeli settlers that murder Palestinians, and burnt al aqsa would get their houses demolished."

"Ok, this was, as pointed out, an horrific attack, but it's tame when compared to the state sponsored slaughter inflicted by the IDF, and the problem is that we're likely to see a few hundred innocent Palestinians killed on the back of any action."

"Since the Oslo "PEACE" agreement all Israel has done is to carry out it's illegal activities as registered in the united nations. More settlements a wall that has taken more land away from it's rightful owners mass imprisonment of more than 1.5 million people in gaza, collective punishment of a whole nation, murder and off course OCCUPATION. The Palestinians have now realised that Israel does not want peace,for what it has achieved with force it will not give up peacefully. If Arafat was alive the third Intefada would have started a long time ago. One more point; much thanks to The Guardian for finally allowing an open forum on this issue. Something that will never occur in the USA in print or on any broadcast media and definitely not in the body politic."

"As if Bibi and his AIPAC supporters in the USA had no responsibility for fostering the hatred that incites those acts."

"Yes ... it's only Jewish lives you care about in this conflict, isn't it? Palestinian civilians murdered by Israelis, however ... "

"Israel has destroyed 40 mosques and they expect sympathy from us in the west? How many Palestinians will now be slaughtered over this?"

"Horrific attack; well yes which one. Israeli air strikes on civilian targets in the Gaza Strip. Well yes but attacks plural.
Body count; is Mr Obama keeping the tally."

"Do Israel apologists even hear themselves?"

"Any time you vote for an amerikkkan politician, you are supporting Israel's imperialism and apartheid. Just own it."

"When is the imperialist racist apartheid state of Israel going to be disbanded. These people have proven they can't play well with their neighbors."

And so on.

Well then. Admittedly this is only a cherry-picked selection, and not fully representative. But I did not feel like reading all of the comments, and it is likely that the link I provided will be de-activated once the Guardian's editors realize that it does not reflect well on them and their society.
Public schools, cricket, tea time, and oh jolly nice, what.
Have to maintain the image, for the lesser nations.
Keep the old aspidistra flying and all that.

There will always be an England.

Perhaps that's unfortunate.

Note as of 1:15 PM, November 18: In all fairness, the best reaction I've seen about the thoughts of Guardian readers came from a Facebook friend, who remarked: "It's always the crackpots who comment most fiercely." Which is true. And like readers of De Telegraaf, many people who read The Guardian on the internet (as well as in real life) are certifiable.
It's where you go when you want to be pissed off.

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Graham W said...

terribly sorry BM, still there is some intelligence to be found in GB & craven Hamas fans are not only active in GB - by golly the buggers have almost got as far as the North Pole!
This is impressive - calm & to the point http://www.thejlc.org/2014/11/joint-statement-from-the-jlc-and-the-board-on-terror-attack-in-jerusalem/

The back of the hill said...

well, the Dutch aren't any better, and I fully expect a quisling statement from the folks across the Bay in Berkeley before the day is out.

If it's any consolation, Berkeley always takes the cake. It's that complete and ridiculous blinkered divorce from reality and civilization over there.

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