Tuesday, November 04, 2014


Remarkably, I had never heard of The Oatmeal until someone sent me a link. It turns out that the artist who draws that cartoon worships the very ground that Nikola Tesla walks upon. Or is buried in, whatever. Tesla has been dead for years.

Tesla, you will recall, passed away in 1943.

The friend who sent me the link fully expected me to become an instant fan. He wrote: "Matt Inman is your kind of geek; witty, incisive, and informed!"

Uh. Well. Okay.

Hate to bust your bubble. He isn't my kind of geek. Geeks are dildo-heads. The Oatmeal appeals to that audience. Primarily to them, and only to them. For most of my life I have avoided dildos (although I do admit that they are strangely fascinating to pet cats), considering them on par with cell-phones and other fancy electronic toys. Nice to have if you can find a use for it, but do you really want to carry one around in public?

Build a better dildo, and the world will beat a mouse to death with it.

It's no wonder that cats are enchanted by them.

I do not own a cat.

I read the Wikipedia article on Nikola Tesla.
There is no evidence that he had a cat.
Which does NOT surprise me.

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