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Thursday, March 04, 2010


Election results in the Netherlands are a cause for joy. No, not the results for Geert Wilders' party (PVV), which many Americans seem to favour. But the results for the Socialist Party (SP).

[Geert Wilders is actually a mere blip on the Dutch political scene, not nearly as significant as many non-Dutch think.]


If parliamentary elections were held today, the socialists would loose more than half of their seats, going from one sixth of the parliament to less than ten percent. This per polls conducted in connection with recent municipal elections.

Given that the leaders of the Dutch socialists are evil people who in a just world would be lined up and shot, this is a good thing.

[Leaders of the SP include Agnes Kant (a severe German-born intellectual), Harry van Bommel (a sexual pig known as the 'billenknijper' - the buttock pincher), Jan Marijnsen (a weepy neurotic), Ewout Irgang (aka "loverboy", a particularly treacherous individual), Ronald van Raak (an unimaginative red intellectual of kommisar-type), and of course Anja Meulenbelt...... a rabid and hate-filled anti-Semite married to an Arab medical man - no, NOT Mahmoud az-Zahar, but that's a really good guess. Stuk voor stuk KENML schorem en mede-conspiranten.]


A more venomous and repulsive lot than the European socialists, the Dutch in particular, would be hard to find. These are the people who applauded the excesses of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution in China (several million dead), the Cambodian Genocide (millions killed for proper socialist reasons, by reasonably proper socialists), every brutal repression in the communist world, every 'red' war.......
These loathsome Marxists have always backed left-wing atrocities. They still do.
As long as the crime can be explained as a revolutionary act, especially against the United States or Israel, it is golden in their book, no matter how pointless and bloodthirsty.

I can only hope that the SP continues to slide. The Dutch may, in the fullness of time, redeem themselves. Their parliamentary elections are scheduled for June 9th.
With luck the terror-supporting SP will no longer be in the government afterwards.

I do not worry about the 'creeping Islamicization' of Europe, I worry about vile ideologies among the Europeans.
Fortunately Kant and her clique of opportunist scum seem to be self-destructing.
There is still hope.

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  • At 3:54 PM, Anonymous Judge Roy Bean said…

    Once it is finally revolution, the following will be hunted down like animals:

    Jan Marijnissen
    Agnes Kant
    Anja Meulenbelt
    Arda Gerkens
    Arjan Vliegenthart
    Arthur Elzinga
    Emile Roemer
    Eric Smaling
    Ewout Irrgang
    Farshad Bashir
    Fons Luijben
    Geert Reuten
    Hans van Leeuwen
    Harry van Bommel
    Henk van Gerven
    Hugo Polderman
    Jan de Wit
    Jasper van Dijk
    Kees Slager
    Marianne Langkamp
    Nanneke Quik-Schuijt
    Nathalie de Rooij
    Paul Lempens
    Paul Peters
    Paul Ulenbelt
    Paulus Jansen
    Remi Poppe
    Renske Leijten
    Ron Abel
    Ronald van Raak
    Rosita van Gijlswijk
    Sadet Karabulut
    Sharon Gesthuizen
    Sineke ten Horn
    Tineke Slagter-Roukema
    Tiny Kox

    Either a fari trail and then hanged, or shot while on the run.

  • At 4:11 PM, Blogger The back of the hill said…

    Interesting plan, comrade.

    That would mean that Farshad Bashir would finally have the fate his apparatchik family avoided when the fled Kabul after the communists lost against the Afghani freedom fighters.
    Justice delayed, but not eternally denied.

    I, for one, would welcome that.
    All members of the list are party functionaries, yes?

  • At 4:17 PM, Blogger The back of the hill said…

    I recall that the forerunner of the 'Socialistiese Partij' was the KPNML, which split off from the more Maoist and more doctrinaire KENML in the seventies.

    Some dispute over the role that educated people could play in the coming revolution. The splitters had no use for intellectuals (much like the Khmer Rouge).

    [KPNML: 'Kommunistiese Partij Nederland, Marxisten-Leninisten'.
    KENML: 'Kommunistiese Eenheid Nederland, Marxisten-Leninisten'. Both were hard-core supporters of Communist terror regimes.]

    Both sides recombined eventually in the Socialistiese Partij, which later rebranded itself as Euro-communists, and changed the name to something less doofus: Socialistische Partij.

    When did these saboteurs and thugs finally drop 'Kommunisties' from their platform?

  • At 4:19 PM, Blogger The back of the hill said…

    And are they still covertly hand-in-glove with the more radical groupings, as they were when both Moscow and Peking were doling out funds for the European reds?

    Or do they have a different marriage of convenience now?

  • At 5:04 PM, Anonymous Abu Shabab said…

    I would severely wish to see that red cow Anja Meulenbelt splattered against a concrete wall.

  • At 5:22 AM, Anonymous CA said…

    Hey, you're sounding like some dutch version of Glenn Beck by not being more clear that this "Socialist" Party started out life as a Maoist Communist Party. The Netherlands has a perfectly respectable social-democratic party (Labor, which has a lot more seats in Parliament than the Socialists), so your readers shouldn't get the idea that the mainstream left-liberal party is a bunch of radical kooks.

    That said, it is curious that a Maoist party managed to become the third largest party in the Dutch parliament, apparently at the expense of Labor. It's demise is probably to be expected, once the rather colorful leadership you've described got some public exposure.

  • At 5:28 AM, Anonymous Texan Historian said…

    The real Judge Roy Bean was not into hanging, he usually settled for a fine (it was better for business at his saloon):

    Langtry did not have a jail, so all cases were settled by fines. Bean refused to send the state any part of the fines, but instead kept all of the money. In most cases, the fines were made for the exact amount in the accused's pockets. Bean is known to have sentenced only two men to hang, one of whom escaped. Horse thieves, who were often sentenced to death in other jurisdictions, were always let go if the horses were returned. Although only district courts were legally allowed to grant divorces, Bean did so anyway, pocketing $10 per divorce. He charged only $5 for a wedding, and ended all wedding ceremonies with "and may God have mercy on your souls" (traditionally the end of a death sentence).

  • At 9:52 AM, Blogger The back of the hill said…


    You are right. I should have clarified that.
    I'm still not entirely comfortable with the Dutch Labour Party either, though. I remember them in the seventies.......
    Dutch left-wingism, tinged as it is with a severe and disapproving crypto-Calvinist attitude ("we are the Elect, everyone who disagrees with us is a fascist") was not, at that time, a tolerant ideological tendency. The increased prosperity and attendant thrive of consumerism since then has tempered it somewhat. And the more extreme elements have percolated out towards the SP and other fringe parties.

  • At 10:02 AM, Blogger The back of the hill said…

    In true democratic style, the SP have from a long list of one candidate overwhelmingly chosen their new chief commisar.

    Former teacher to be new Socialist leader
    Friday 05 March 2010

    MP Emile Roemer is set to take over the leadership of the Socialist Party from Agnes Kant, who quit on Thursday following the party's poor showing in the local elections.

    A number of leading SP MPs have come out in favour of Roemer, who was the only candidate for the job when nominations closed at 2pm on Friday.

    'He has thirty years experience within the SP. He is the right man for the job,' said MP Harry van Bommel.

    Roemer, a former teacher, has been an MP since 2006 and is the SP's spokesman on transport issues.

    He is 47, married and has two daughters. Before becoming an MP, he was active for the SP in Noord-Brabant province.


    Kant took over from Jan Marijnissen who resigned in 2008 for health reasons. He is considered to be the main motor behind the party's success.

    The SP took 25 seats at the last general election. According to an opinion poll earlier this week, the party will have just 11 after the next election.



    Boruch Hashem, at least it isn't that farbissene anti-Semit Anja Meulenbelt. He does however come from exactly the same milieu as that swine Andries van Agt - a cramped highly Catholicised backwater province with suspicious and bitter villagers. Gatverdamme.

  • At 12:11 PM, Blogger Spiros said…

    Texas Historian, you have to admit that what really happened wouldn't have given John Huston much scope for a film. To quote another great film director, "Print the legend".


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