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And yes, you can thank the Algemeen Dagblad for that judgment - that being the refreshing Netherlandish feuilleton that I peruse during lunch.

Today it had more sex than usual.

Man, those cheeseballs are perverts!


A selection of articles in today's Algemeen Dagblad that present a broad spectrum of Dutch sexcapades.

Playmate daagt Fatima uit voor pokerduel
Het Nederlandse fetishmodel Ancilla Tilia daagt de kersverse pokerbabe Fatima Moreira de Melo uit voor een waar pokerduel.

[Dutch Fetish model challenges Fatima to a .... wait, what's that? A fetish model?!?! A fetish model named 'Ancilla' (Latin for 'slave girl')?!?!?! Nuff said.]

Acht jaar opgesloten en verkracht
AMSTERDAM - De man met wie ze ging trouwen, keek ze voor het eerst in de ogen enkele momenten voor de huwelijksvoltrekking. Volgens Berberse tradities zou pas tijdens het huwelijk de witte doek die over haar hoofd was gedrapeerd worden weggehaald.

[Berber bride locked up and raped for eight years in Amsterdam. Which is not unusual. She writes a book about her experiences. Which IS unusual. Her ex-husband has been allowed to import another teenage bride, who is probably going to wish that the Dutch were not so tolerant. Which is not unusual.]

Buurt baalt van herrieseks
PAPENDRECHT - Bewoners van de Talingstraat in Papendrecht zoeken een oplossing voor een stel luidruchtig seksende buren.

[Couple moves into neighborhood, has screamingly loud fights in public, then screamingly loud make-up sex. The entire street gets to listen. Neighborhood objects, as some children can also hear the ecstatic screaming. Whoopee.]

Schok groot na verkrachting
BILTHOVEN - De schok op Het Nieuwe Lyceum in Bilthoven is groot. ,,Toen ik het vrijdagmiddag hoorde, kreeg ik er kippenvel van,'' zegt rector Ruud van Tergouw van Het Nieuwe Lyceum. Gisteren zijn de klasgenoten van het 15-jarige meisje dat vrijdagmiddag slachtoffer werd van een verkrachter op de hoogte gesteld.


[Fifteen year old girl raped while bycicling home from school.]

Bear in mind, this is merely a lighthearted look at sex, from a newspaper which caters to the lowest common denominator. If they really wanted to delve into the issues, they would focus on the red-light districts in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, and other Dutch cities, where Eastern European and Third World women are kept in sexual bondage, after having been smuggled in and raped by people-traffickers.

But, given that the sexual brutalization of foreigners who should be grateful to be allowed into the country takes some of the performance pressure off of native Netherlandish women, AND that it gives the violence-prone and sex-fiend element among the Dutch an outlet for their bestial urges, those red-light districts with their miserable conditions are a probably considered a very good thing.
The tolerant liberated Dutch would certainly not wish their fun to be diminished.


Some of my Dutch readers might now be outraged, and protest that I am making a mountain out of a molehill, unfairly stigmatizing them and their wonderful country.

I do not think that I am being unfair.

"In Amsterdam, Netherlands, 80% of prostitutes are foreigners, and 70% have no immigration papers, suggesting that they were trafficked. (Marie-Victoire Louis, "Legalizing Pimping, Dutch Style," Le Monde Diplomatique, 8 March 1997)"


2nd. Quote:
"The Netherlands is one the most popular destinations in Europe of women trafficked from Ukraine and Russia. (Vladmir Isachenkov, "Soviet Women Slavery Flourishes," Associated Press, 6 November 1997)."

3rd. Quote:
"The Netherlands government, in response to increasing trafficking in women, amended its criminal law in 1991. The maximum sentence for trafficking was raised from 5 to 6 years, and to 10 years for the trafficking of children under 16 and/or accompanied by serious physical violence. (Marie-Victoire Louis, "Legalizing Pimping, Dutch Style," Le Monde Diplomatique, 8 March 1997)"


The maximum sentence of six years seems rather low for ruining a life, don't you think? And that would be six years in a Dutch prison - the prisons in the Netherlands are quite comfortable and have excellent recreational and health facilities, from what I've heard. And very likely the trafficker would be incarcerated for less than the full term, as many convicts are released early.

Further, from a paper alluringly entitled 'SEX TRAFFICKING IN THE AMERICAS', this:
"Among the destination countries, Spain is by far the most common destination country for Brazilian women. It is followed by the Netherlands, Venezuela, Italy, Portugal, Paraguay, Switzerland, the USA, Germany, Suriname, Israel, Hong Kong, Bolivia, Japan, French Guiana, Peru, and Taiwan.

Unlike domestic trafficking, where adolescents were among the most frequently trafficked, international routes are primarily allocated to trafficking women. However, once again in evaluating this phenomena, these statistics must be considered in light of the tendency when trafficking older adolescents to identify them as being 18 years old or older."


How interesting that the number two destination is listed as the Netherlands!

While it may seem unfair to stigmatize an entire nation based on the mercantile excellence of their criminal element, and the apathy OR planned ineffectiveness of their law-enforcement agencies as regards an international problem, it does seem to this writer that when it comes to matters sexual, Dutch society is ...... dysfunctional.

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The back of the hill said...

Further, regarding the Dutch, forced sex, and the flesh-trade: http://www.telegraaf.nl/vrouw/actueel/11208450/__Code_rood__meisjeshandel__.html.

Mensenhandelaren opsporen

De politiek focust momenteel vooral op de criminele organisaties, niet op de slachtoffers. Volgens minister Opstelten van Veiligheid en Justitie heeft het opsporen van mensenhandelaren 'topprioriteit'. In januari dient hij een wetsontwerp waarin voorgesteld wordt de straf voor mensenhandelaren op te hogen naar 10 tot 12 jaar.

Translation: tracing human traffickers

The political world at present focusses on criminal organizations, not on the victims. According to minister Opstelten of Safety and Justice, the tracking of human traffickers has 'top priority'. In January he will forward a draft law proposing that the penalty for human trafficking be raised from ten years to twelve.
[End translation.]

Note that it is exceedingly rare (unheard of even) for Dutch judges to impose maximum penalties. Given that the victims are frequently foreigners, who count for fairly little and are usually inferior to the Dutch besides, in all likelihood the verdict would be two years in a luxurious Dutch medium security clink, followed by six months 'voorwaardelijk' (meaning, very loosely, parole with only nominal limitations and very apathetic oversight). If the criminal is a scion of one of Holland's societal uppercrust (remember Joran van der Sloot?), his crimes will not be noticed unless something goes horribly wrong.

If, on the other hand, the human trafficker is a Moroccan, and his victims sweet little blonde Dutch girls, he might get between six and eight years. Especially if the girls come from unblemished backgrounds.

My faith in the Dutch criminal justice system, by the way, is almost non-existent. And the clearly evident biases and praeconceptiva of Dutch officials during the years I lived there as an "allochtoon" (non-native) inspires more than a little lack of confidence, distrust even, in the capabilities and motivations of the bureaucrats running the damned place. So please, if you, dear Dutch reader, wish to take issue with what I have written, kindly either stuff it where the sun don't shine, OR do so in impeccable English, well-reasoned, and with numerous sources for your suppositions.


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