Friday, September 11, 2009


There are times when everything just comes together. Critical mass is attained, the fissile material goes boom, and a rain of radioactive dust gently falls like snow.

This blog particularly likes those days. Everything seems so golden.

The traffic outside the office building is sheerly wonderful too. Automobiles move barely a foot in several minutes. Long lines of vehicles slowly pass by, at so somnolent a pace that one can dance gaily among the cars, making it clear to frustrated drivers that, as a pedestrian, one is blessed.

I am faster than you. You are stuck in traffic. My life is better than yours. You are suffering because of your addiction to oil. Poor poor you.

Don't thank me, I like to share.

--- --- ---

And in that vein, also coming together nicely......


Grant Patel is infuriated that Snooky Wong ignored him. Consequently he has more fun with Richard Becker's penis than any man is supposed to have.

Death by Noodles is a horrid mistress!

"You wished proof of my valid claim that Richard Becker is blessed with a matchbox-sized lora, or even smaller, as befits a notorious communist from a comfortable armchair, who is desiring to entirely without danger to himself or evidences leading back to him, or the beneficiaries of his mini-me, instigate, stir-up, and outside-agitate for violent revolution and the bloody extinguishment of Jews and other fine peoples. As is utterly the balanced and considered opinion of myself, a discriminating and perspicacious lawyer."

Please note that whenever Grant is peevish, he mentions the idea that Richard Becker, who is the head of International ANSWER here on the West Coast, has a miniscule masculinity. When Grant is full of himself, he also raises Mr. Richard Becker's miniature endowment. Heck, in whatever mood he is in, Grant Patel is obsessed by Richard Becker and his microscopic wee willikin.


What set Grant off on his latest, was Snooky happily mentioning her recent posts on Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers (PIBB) in this post:

Gaily waving my panties!

"... please imagine that tight little bikini briefs with a print pattern of red red strawberries are being waved in your direction. Hey guys, over here! "

No, she's not being lascivious, no matter what impression that quote may give, nor whatever Grant Patel might wish. It all fits very nicely, the strawberry panties have a place - they belong where they are.


After reading Grant and Snooky, I segued into another local blog. And discovered to my delighted surprise that Steffy also seems in the ballpark of naughty naughty naughty!


[Watching the movie: Following which she starts reading the book: About half way through Lolita:
I suspect that there may be another post about the book sometime soon. ]

I am thrilled to bits that a thirteen-year old is reading Nabokov. Perhaps it isn't healthy, but I shan't say anything. I started reading Nabokov when I was thirteen, and knew all about the nictitating grasses by the time I was fifteen.
Vladimir Nabokov is food for developing minds, nourishment for the soul.
Just avoid the depressing second half of Ada - it isn't nearly so sprightly and joyous as the first half, in which Van and Ada first mutually frustrate, then obsessively conjugate.

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