Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Picked up a tin of a particular tobacco at the store the other day. Haven't opened it yet. And probably won't for a year or two - it's a Virginia from a well-known manufacturer, and I don't smoke a lot of Virginia blends.

It has a nice label. I'm a sucker for nice labels. This one really looks like a hobbit would smoke the product.

Regarding it's salient characteristics, the angry trogs at Tobacco Reviews dot com leave no bones unturned:

"The stuff made a hissing sound in the bowl."

"There is a very sweet and artificial element that abounds."

"It tasted like it had a strange topping."

"Bizarre, I think."

"I tossed it in the trash because I simply had no use for it."

"Concentrated tomato paste, white vinegar, brown sugar, dried figs, pencil eraser."

"Will smoke some more when the summer heat subsides."

"A cloying note that gave me a headache and made me vaguely nauseated."

"Very strange."

"There is some weird topping added; very discreet, and very foul."

"It burns like a sunny day in hell."

"I will smoke it if offered, but most likely will not purchase another."

"I found when packing the pipe I had to remove some of the tree limbs, other than that it packed very well. If it weren't for the gaminess of the dingitude, this would be an excellent product."

"The taste (if you can find one) is bland and you'll burn your tongue so bad you'll be looking for the number to the Shriner's burn center."

After reading all that, I am very tempted to try it immediately. It sounds like a fascinating new friend.
But I will force myself to wait for at least a year. I just have too many open tins floating around the wallow right now.


Open tins:

Astleys No. 99 Royal Tudor, Cornell & Diehl Old College, Cornell & Diehl Yale Mixture, GLPease Maltese Falcon, GLPease Odyssey, Samuel Gawith Balkan Flake, Samuel Gawith Perfection, various MacBarens and Orlik products.

Plus several jars containing my own blends - two English style, one Scotch-style Balkan mixture, one Scotch-style Latakia mixture, one Scotch-style Perique mixture.
And something I call Dawg.



assertively amphibious said...

"Bizarre, I think"?
Sounds like hedging to me.

Steffy said...

Ooh, sounds nasty. Why would you want to smoke it?

Did ALL of the reviewers skunk on it?

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