Friday, March 15, 2024


The grimness of a return to dark mornings weighs heavy. While I like Daylight Savings Time, this darkness when getting up in the morning so shortly after we had finally gotten over that is rather depressing. But it does not feel cold outside. It is tolerable. Zwoel, even. Not warm, but zwoelig. Sixty degrees Fahrenheit.

Keep the down comforter on the bed for a few more weeks, then take it for cleaning and put it away till summer when it will be cold again and everyone quotes that stupid line about the coldest winter being a summer in San Francisco.

There are happy sounds from the monkey house at the zoo.
The election season is gearing up.
For some reason I remembered the movies that my parents took me to see at the theatre on the Leenderweg in Valkenswaard in those first years after we moved there. Stagecoach, King Kong. Those were good. The Sound Of Music and Oliver. SOM was overdone poofle, rather sappy, and Oliver, well, what can one say?

There was also a horror flick which was frightfully bad. Not scary, just garbage.

Also flitting across the mind's desk were memories of the Philippines, especially Binondo and Quezon City, and the computer company that used to be on Pacific Avenue before it moved down to Palo Alto and my commute became much longer.
Plus a coworkers "condiment ghetto".
Sleep was fitful.

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