Monday, May 15, 2023


Whenever I hear those Marinite patsers in the backroom waffling on about illegal aliens and the influx of drugs, what I note as the unstated subtext is that they wish that only upstanding Anglo Protestants will profit from the sale of illicit substances, not those people. Mexicans cut it and adulterate it horribly. It should be clean and pure and gluten-free. Why, the nerve!
And we must have a reinheitsgebot for drugs, like the Germans had on beer.

Because the coke fiends of Marin County deserve the very best.

We need goverment intervention; more testing labs.

Only deserving white people.

Not this chaotic situation where every immigrant Tom, Dick, and Harry can get into the drug trade, make obscene amounts of money, and sell impure shit to the high school kids of Marin Oaks or Mount Tam. Or their nice upstanding upper middle class parents. Church-going Protestants only, please, NOT those damned foreign Catholics. It's nasty!

In the old days, cocaine was green, free trade, organic, and vegan.
No chemicals, sir, there were none of that back then!

Also, we need to ban abortion because otherwise the undeserving poor will just fornicate for entertainment purposes, unlike the clean sacred unenjoyable sex approved by the church and the fathers of industry.

We can't have that! What is this world coming to?

And no vaccination! Disease is natural!

Damned commies.

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