Friday, October 07, 2022


Two weeks ago it was still summer. Last night I stepped out of the house and felt bitterly cold. Autumn. Still early, but in October we do get fog, and can get some precipitation. What we don't get -- still very much a possibility elsewhere -- is snow, hail, typhoons, hurricanes, tornadoes, dust storms, and massive tropical downpours with flooding.

All things which make reading about the rest of the world fun.

These are things that make me glad I'm not there.

Kansas, Dorothy, this sure ain't.

We are temperate.
The nearest trailer park ain't gonna come crashing down on my street.

To the best of my knowledge, Kansas is rather like Karachi in many ways, just a whole heck of a lot worse. Same goes for the food, unless you like carrots, turnips, and corndogs.

The corndogs run wild across the prairies, digging and burrowing, and leaving holes for your mule to trip in and break its damn' neck. All over Kansas, folks have mules up on cinder blocks in their driveways. So they don't get washed away in the floods.

They don't have disastrous wildfires there, ever.
Because they rake the leaves.
The heartland.

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