Thursday, October 06, 2022


Last walk of the night was through fog. A friend remarked that he hoped that there would be fog, dense fog, this weekend when the military jets fly over male organ wagging happens for Columbus Day ("fleet week"), which is Dianne Feinstein's lasting contribution to noise pollution in SF. He might get his wish.

Because I am working all of those days in Marin, it's sausage to me.

The weather looks like mid sixties till the middle of next week. Which is perfect. It may lessen the urge for some people to dress immodestly. I'm thinking of milk bottle white pudgy legs on old men, exposed by shorts. Yes no. Regarding velvety waists on women celebrating that they are young and in shape unlike you auntie, I'm okay.
Neither for nor against.

Though opposed to belly button rings. Like the shiny metal snot drop that some people have through their nose, which also irks me. Both of those things are peculiar. Neither the nose nor the navel are improved, and there is no added functionality. So why?
One also has to wonder about scar tissue.

Speaking of which, my own navel sort of offends me. The scar from my appendectomy disfigures it, not that it was a thing of beauty before. Plus the lint is not what it was.
There used to be a little fluffy fibre clump there every morning.
The name of this post ("sunshine breakfast") is what a restaurant I like calls their start of the day menu. I do not eat that early, and frankly, beef brisket noodle soup (牛腩牛筋湯粉 'ngau naam ngau gan tong fan'), panfried pork and chive dumplings (煎韭菜饺 'jin gau choi gaau'), or a steak and two pan fried eggs (牛扒煎雙蛋 'ngau paa jin seung daan'), do not appeal to me in the morning. The shredded pork with pickled mustard-cabbage (雪菜肉絲湯粉 'suet choi yiuk si tong fan') might -- it's a very Shanghai and exiles living in Hong Kong dish, and very nice -- but staring bleakly into the void over coffee followed by a walk with a pipe is much more my style. Bleary eyed, barely awake, and solitarily stinky.

Red Virginia. Then home, bladder, second cup.
Breakfast of champions.

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