Saturday, October 01, 2022


What, you may ask, is so great about October? For one thing, you can all wake up now, September has ended. Come on, wake up! For another thing, Donald Trump will get more setbacks and horrible news. For a third, my birthday occurs this month. Additionally, by approximately and precisely October 13th. the third booster (Omicron variant) will hit full effect, and I'll reach lift-off. I will blast free of this lousy stinking planet and hurl myself into space, toward new adventures and a golden future!
Or I'll achieve 5G and telepathic powers!
In any case, something marvelous.

Fall weather. Cups of tea, and some lovely medium flake in my pipe. Awakened zombies, little werewolves. The smell of putrifying pumpkins in the crisp air.
Or is that people farting as they leave Starbucks?
Most likely the latter.

Several years ago a local tobacco store introduced me hopefully to a seasonal flavour, pumpkin spice, of which I took one good whiff good frikken' lord, and ran off screaming.
I do not know if the world is ready for pumpkin spice tobacco, but I'm not by a mile.
It's one of very many repulsive ideas tobacco companies have had.
Along with Molto Dolce and Blue Note.

In any case, rabbit rabbit.
It is traditional to say "rabbit rabbit" first thing on the first day of the month. But for this blog, abstaining from posting anything from noon on Friday till after nightfall on Saturday, is also traditional. Consequently please assume that I have been silent entirely for several hours.
Which if you know me will defy belief. Rabbit rabbit.

BTW: Is Kanye a whiny twat? Asking, because my apartment mate brought it up. It doesn't relate to this post in any way, but inquiring minds don't you know.

Anyhow, birthday month. Traditionally I don't celebrate, as it simply gets worse every year and I don't want to encourage these things. I'm older every time. Not mentioning what day it is, or whatever ghastly knackered old age I will have reached. I'm thirty two or three, okay? Been that way for ages. Dammit. Thirty two or three.

Please, NO pumpkin spice flavour.
Sickening stuff.

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